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  1. Gamma Light

    I'm not a fat stoner, you're a fat stoner!

  2. Acesiz Official

    Is this a sales strategy lol ?

  3. PFeal

    Calories in vs calories out, burn more than you take in. Cbd doesn't burn calories, it does not increase thermogenesis.

  4. Jake Romero


  5. Naz007

    I have a personal friend who was diagnosed with Brain cancer (tumor) about a year ago. She followed the traditional mainstream treatment instructed by the Dr, but she wasn't improving and suffered so much. Basically the Dr (oncologist) said she had 6 months to live. So, she decided to take Cannabis oil (NOT CBD oil, this is the Rick Simpson Oil a.ka. RSO. which is highly extracted THC oil and is illegal). 6 months later, she went back to the Dr who did a scan and now she’s cured and completely healed, the tumour has gone! The Dr is shocked and confused! She has the scans and medical records to prove it!!

    Over the years, I’ve read and watched so many success stories from people taking cannabis oil to cure from all types of health conditions from cancers, skin cancers, tumors, chronic pain, seizures, diabetes etc… a simple YouTube search for “Rick Simpson oil” or “rso” will result in so many results and success stories from people.

    I don't want to come across as saying it will cure everyone. It's not a magical cure or anything but it is the best chance with an amazing success rate compared to traditional treatments like chemo, radiation and surgery and all the pharmaceutical drugs. Besides, nobody has reported any side effects from taking RSO.

    My friend is feeling great, the damage caused from the traditional treatment made her feel so weak and destroyed her natural immune system, however, her body is gradually regenerating from it. In addition, she’s changed her diet to stop eating processed foods, meats, more juicing, exercise and getting more oxygen, she's off all the pharmaceutical drugs.

    Why isn’t the medical system looking into this? And why is it still illegal? If you had a serious terminal illness, would you take poison (chemo or radiation) or take something that is less harmful, has no side effects?

  6. Prof K

    is this man aware of the munchies?


    Ask teeka about GTEH first cbd coffe shops:)! locations already opening. Please let me know if this is a good buy and gcgx

  8. Jimmy The Misfit

    🐍 oil.

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