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  1. Truth Spoken

    Loving the shorts

  2. CheetoChop1

    I had that much movement in my shoulder d/t bad rotator cuff and was told I needed surgery. Im back to 100% with ozone therapy. Never got surgery and it's been 3 years.

  3. Maureen Gannaway

    5/4/19 Another great video by the best physical therapist on the net in my opinion. I will be doing these strecthes and sharing them, because so many people are in pain and don't know what can help them feel better. Thank u dr's.

  4. Drina Kush

    I love you guys!!!!!

  5. peerguy

    1 Million subscribers. Congratulations!! Your videos have helped provide relief for my back pain even if its temporary.

  6. E R Newkirk

    On one of your youtube videos you use a "Thermotex" infrared pad with straps but a search of the thermotex web page does not show an option with straps. Does anyone know which unit provides the straps.

  7. Marylouise

    I fainted oct 26, 2018. Went straight down on my tail bone. Docs said I had ruptured the L4 disk and had caused a bulging of the L5 disk. Plus I had a very old injury, higher up in my spine. I found out that day what true pain felt like. Plus I still hurt 😞 greatly to this day.

    No one wanted to address the place higher up my spine the had broken bones that looked like marbles on a MRI that one doctor had taken. I remember the tech saying, No wonder you hurt So Much. I was given two pain injections and a back brace. Then the doctor said he was sorry but there was nothing else he could do to stop the pain. I could barely walk.

    Three months ago my primary doctor sent me to a spine doctor. He took the cd I had and left the room. Within moments he came back and said I had broken my back and was amazed I could even stand up, much less walk. He asked me what did I want to take for the pain. Yes, I’m on an opioid. For four months now.

    I went down the hall to see the surgeon.
    He said my best option was cement. Thinking that it would stop the horrific pain I said, let’s do it!

    Yes it stopped most of the pain coming from the break. But I did that so long ago, I cannot remember how it happened. Plus it’s not where the Main pain is coming from. That’s coming from the L4 and L5.

    He said I had a ruptured disk and a blugging disk. And he could put shots in my spine and continue with the pain medicine. That, he said are my only options.

    It’s around three in the morning and I’m sitting up, in pain, talking to y’all. 😩

  8. Jason Park

    wine-sday. Ohhhhhhhh!!

  9. anne p

    I can’t do the press ups right now because I have a sprained wrist. Can I get the same results doing standing back bends?

  10. Christine von Pander

    I have recommended your channel to massage therapists. You guys are great!

  11. Mark Shirley

    Shouldn't you be getting adidas to sponsor you 😎👌#adidas PS rode videomic pro

  12. kamal ahmed

    Long videos all

  13. Avewrell dalton

    hello doctors .
    As i have disc herniation should i avoid being completely being bed ridden or should i do some movements.

  14. Tokki A

    I am an olympic weightlifter and I’ve found so much help and relief from your videos. You help me do what I love, pain free. I don’t know about how famous you are but you’re certainly the two most best PTs on the net. I don’t know when but one day I’ll give you a shout out from an international weightlifting platform. All health to you guys.

  15. Sunny girl 87

    My husband bought me an infrared heating pad for Mother's Day and it feels soooooo good. I love jade! Love the rocking back and forth exercise for my back and sore butt. Sixty #s ago, I could only use pool and GAZELLE for exercise. Mobility for the win!

  16. cm legend

    Where is the musical intro?

  17. Chip Justice

    You guys rock! Thank you for helping me start my day. Hope you both have an awesome day!

  18. mushroomhill

    This video really helped me relieve some pain! THANK YOU GUYS!! 💪👏👏✌️

  19. Aneesh M

    Hi . I am 15 years old . And I have pain in my top of ankle . I went to my doctor they gave me medicine but it didn't work . So how can I get rid of this

  20. N R

    I may have Spinal Stenosis. Are there any exercises that I shouldn't do.


    You guys are so cute! I love the information you share and your humor.

  22. S Ard

    Jeepers, I have lumbar stenosis and sciatica. What’s the correct stretch for that?

  23. Kmuggle

    Too … long …

  24. Kirsty Macfarlane

    The foam roller stretch is nectar for stenosis, really yummy 😋 I watch a makeup artist who has an impigment in his shoulder so I recommended your channel. One of my the women who watched the video said she found you and subscribed. She was so thankful, why can't everyone be like that? We need to support and appreciate each other a lot more. I don't know that woman from Adam but I was able to help her. Social media is so good when people aren't being horrible, kindness costs nothing 💕💕

  25. Ryan Jack

    Good video quality but the audio is horrible

  26. Kathy Caldwell

    Bob and Brad, I'm a fan, your work has really helped me, PLUS you crack me up! You both can be so silly/GOOFY AND STILL BE cute!😀

  27. Sally Silva

    Why do we love you? Because we are winners.

  28. Nona Corriveau

    24: 32 , don’t bend forwards.

  29. marlene kerrmarlene

    great information as always -you are the greatest—–m,k wis

  30. Sandra Arce

    no shoes on the table noooooo…..

  31. John Springer

    Have you guys ever done exercise/stretch videos? Maybe a half hour session. With less talking, a lil music, and some better looking people of course! Just kidding! Maybe. The exercise video market is so huge. Doesn't seem to be much in the rehab area. Now if you get filthy rich from this idea, remember this broken old dude. 🙂

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