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  2. Peyster Kids

    Why are you testing these hacks!? Aren’t you the ones who make them up?? 🤔

  3. Hazel Rios

    You guys copied 5 minute crafts

  4. Rasmya Khalifa

    Not good for teeth

  5. Nirmala Chandramouli

    Actually I tried the almond and brush hack long before .It actually worked like magic.💞💋💖

  6. Ash The fox

    Your of to a bad start

  7. Shirley Nista

    Ew the girl with blond curly hair is so stupid and facking stupid

  8. Shirley Nista

    Ew discuting

  9. Joanna Diaz


  10. Dina Anas

    I love when you tell the truth,

  11. Lily Evans


  12. ryleigh burgess

    You got 4K in 20 minutes likes

  13. Raihan mohibi

    Do u live in london

  14. JR Amazona

    The hair trick worked at me!

  15. hassan nadir

    Pleases subscribe me in first video

  16. Asad Ali

    it made me look worst

  17. LoreleitheFoster

    Funny that you're doing this.

  18. Akram Mohd

    please upload a lot testing internet makeup episode

  19. brooke Boyce

    The charcoal tooth whitening doesnt actually work it is an illusion of the black wiped of and makes it look white

  20. Kitty Paw

    5:36 reminds me of something😏(Bts❤)

  21. Doaa Galal

    I hate you f*** you guys you are bad haters you are just jeles from 5 minutes craft and your doing them rong 😠😠😠😠😠

  22. Kitty Paw

    Do anything for big lips?

    Then why don't they go get surgery?

  23. Marissa Hildebrandt

    I fell a asleep watching asmr how.did this happen

  24. Avrilgabriellekirsten Young

    Why are you trying to try others hacks if it work. Why dont you mind your own. 5 minutes craft forever like uf you agree

  25. mou mou

    These hacks are from 5 minute tricks🤔

  26. Sakina Mohammed

    Omg wow

  27. Elise_Harley_Annie_Hudson_ _

    10:34 what is this ariel????

  28. ranabasem basem

    In 1:00 she put too much iliner

  29. Bushra Abdurahman

    I want 2nd part😊

  30. Nomita Barla

    You are trying the hack of 5 minutes crafts 🧚‍♀️🤔🤩😙

  31. just play games

    These hacks are from 5 minutes crafts and 123 go dumber asshole make zombie apocalypse

  32. Purrito

    Well I’m 100% sure that most of your “hacks” either aren’t gonna make things easier, not work, or just aren’t even hacks and just useless little activities for little kids that disappoints them when most don’t work.

  33. Stephany Stephany

    İts from 5 min craft

  34. 「 Oreo 」

    Troom troom, this is how Lauren felt when you pranks didn’t work on Bobby

  35. yatsum law

    Just with forks? No way! I can’t believe it. I love all your videos. Subscribe to my videos too

  36. Maryam Nouman

    Can weput lip balm without brush?
    Ans is Yes

  37. Nowfel Sawda

    "Obviously, thank you next "

  38. Anna Roy

    2:37 You did it wrong ur supposed to do a straight line on the bottom lip then move around also a thin line

  39. Tiyya Eldawiaty

    Troom troom I love you who agrees

  40. Nissy Joseph

    super bro
    love u

  41. Peniel Vlogging Video


  42. Peniel Vlogging Video

    Troom Troom PLZ make voiede about BTS I BEG U

  43. Satisfying Life

    I hate you Troom troom, your copying 5 minutes cracts

  44. Maryam Nouman

    Applying lipstick with paper towel and power doesn't work


    Yes✅👍✅ yes yes

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