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  1. Clevver Style

    What is the worst makeup product you’ve ever tried?!

  2. MsPachecoSpeaks

    Flat iron her leave out please!

  3. Sarah Hobden

    I wish you would try things on clean skin. How can you test mascara if you're wearing a different kind already?

  4. j_choc_

    Madeleine reminds me A LOOOOOT of Elizabeth Gillies!!! Sooooo pretty!! Wtf!

  5. Rebekah Beall

    I miss the OGs:(

  6. KaraRae7

    Should probably test makeup on a bare face next time. That way you actually see what’s going on

  7. Hyper Monkeyy

    Omg sinead is wearing the giant scrunchie 😂😂😂

  8. Ariel Ross

    I love Madeleine! I’d love to see her in more beauty videos because her style is closer to mine than the other girls so I’d love to see her beauty styyyyyle.

  9. Ariel Ross

    Ingredient: vegetable 🌶🌽🥕🥦🥑🥒🥬

  10. Merlin Alexander

    Drew's teeth is brighter than my future….

  11. j y

    I always disliked Sinead in Clevers past, she just reads as a mean bitch. Now i eat my words because to know her is to love her. Sinead, Drew and Loryn's trio brought me back to Clever.

  12. JustAzia

    Agreed. The products were bad but not horrible. Also, the girl with the scrunchie sounds and looks so much like Nicol Concilio. Crazy.

  13. Leeステラ

    I SEE YOU with that big Scrunchie from the Forever 21 video!! Lol 😆

  14. Tyradaisy

    Sinead it’s 200°C not F, so it’s actually nearly 400°F

  15. Ben Nightingale

    Something just occurred to me: where are Lily and Joslyn?!?? They're pretty much the entire reason I watched 🙁

  16. Scarlet Clough

    madeleines shirts is SO cute i want it

  17. beautyimge

    was madeleine on switched with vanessa merrell and can someone please tell me where i can watch it

  18. Martina Vega

    I like Madeleine a lot looking forward to see her again ❤

  19. Brandi Munguia

    The flat iron goes to 200° Celsius. That’s almost 400° Fahrenheit. I wonder if you guys didn’t turn the heat up enough?

  20. Aisling Redmond

    The straightener went to 200 degrees C, not F…….

  21. Syrena Adele

    I like the new girl she meshes well with Sinead and Drew

  22. Jamia Worthington

    I wish they would have started with no makeup on

  23. Syrena Adele

    I wish you guys would try makeup on bare faces for beauty break

  24. Bobby & Summer Roberts

    That first eyeshadow palette I actually have. I love it. I love all the different colors.

  25. Soybean

    Please next time put this on a clean face. What’s the point when we can’t see the actual products performance over existing make up???? Stopped watching. Do better.

  26. AllieArostegui

    Madeleine is soooo cute! Can't wait to see her in more. Anyone else think she looks like Liz Gillies? Both stunning girls

  27. Rebeca Gomez


  28. Stephanie Siam


  29. Lucy T

    Love these but where is joslynn (dunno if I spelt right) I'm missing seeing here face 🤪😵

  30. Curious Alice

    Try etsy next!

  31. Radiate radical vibes

    Okay but where are you getting 3 lattes for 12 dollars?!

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