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  1. Sp Nat

    I'm survivor of testicular cancer had in March easter week 2009 ! when i was 37, it was very aggressive i had pain and burning inside my low left groin and on my testicle like it was hit from something, it was inside in the centre (core) of it ! In one week before the surgery my left testicle starting getting bigger and bigger and i can't touch it because i was in pain. I had CT scan and blood test for it first to make sure it was cancer. It was 50% teratoma and 50% embryonal carcinoma, after orchiectomy i'm in total health again, I was lucky when i discover it and i had the signs, it didn't spread ! I'm 46 now and in perfect health like before but missed my left testicle i had for many years but that's unfair and cruel it is life with some people ! I see many young people dying everyday and i lost friends and family members from death (other causes) and i'm afraid to die ! I love life and technology always getting better !

  2. Trev O Donnell

    An antibody needs to be produced to stop chemo killing healthy cells. This is why cancer patients die after chemo


    Thank you a lot , very good lecture indeed!!

  4. guloguloguy

    ….having suffered with cryptorchidism, ….If I ever develop any cancers, I will take the self guided, top to bottom tour of the Grand Canyon, (in 30 seconds, or less),… ASAP!!!

  5. guloguloguy

    ……IMHO: I find it odd that any cancer Doctor would so casually drink a "soft drink"!…..

  6. Maimona abo

    Hello doctor at what age in children can the testacles be saved from removing it

  7. daniel iknaian

    Are there any more videos of Dr. Friedlander doing videos on T.C. going into more depth about the subject?

  8. Rum V

    Hello, i have a lump on my testicle. Its on the right testicle a little below or about in the middle of the testicle very near or on the epididymis. To be more accurate. If look at a kidney bean. The bump would be where the little eye is or to be even more accurate, it is almost on the eye to the left. It could be on the epididymis, i am not sure. But its small and painless. I can only feel it when my scrotum is relaxed and lose. I going to the doctor on wednesday but i am nervous about this very much. I am not sure this is relevant but i am a black male, 21 years old. Living in Jamaica. I am also what people might call a vegan. or a plantbased ominivore. I very rarely eat any meat at all. Maybe once every 2 months or so. I could use some advice.

  9. Bau Man

    bravo, very good lecture. bravo

  10. L a t i n T r o p i c

    Deberia estar en español

  11. AllahHuma Ajirni MinunNar

    thank you..

  12. Ral P

    Great video!
    Any guys post puberty, the chances of testicular cancer(gonadal cases) is on the higher side especially if the person had cryptochordism condition(undescended testis),or family history (like father,brothers or grandfather had) and also who enters into early puberty, the chances are high of getting testicular cancer.PLEASE TAKE IT VERY SERIOUSLY and also please tell your friends & relatives about testicular cancer. Men have that mentality of being strong but can do really stupid things. Young men only will talk about the pleasure side of private parts and jokes, but they do not know these private parts can also become cancerous and hit their quality of life.
    One of most common cancer among men b/w 13yrs-40 yrs, but hardly anyone have heard about it.Sadly no doctors or hospitals ever try to talk about TC, since they know they can treat with chemo but cannot compensate the quality of life. Probably, it is because of TC is treatable with chemo, even now 'Chemo' exist.

  13. Sarkis Dallakian

    Excellent talk! I love my testicles and what they are capable to produce.

  14. Mary K Johnson

    My son 36 yrs 1 week old died of Metastatic Testicular Carcinoma in 2006 – the bone marrow transplant (Beth Israel hospital in Boston)  nor any of the radiation & chemo  could save him.

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