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  1. littleidk1

    You inspire me to do better,God Bless you all,from Australia.

  2. Sherry Kelley

    You look Beautiful no matter what honey…love your Tips…Happy belated Thanksgiving..

  3. mustangstephie1

    Laura, you looking amazing. Thanks put our Thanksgiving meal in its place. I think I really needed to hear this. Thanks for putting it out there. I love you vlogs. God bless and your family. Hugs, prayers and lots of love.

  4. topstarxx

    Useful and attainable tips, thank you!

  5. A.Thousand Years.

    Happy Early Thanksgiving Tatum Family…/Thailand..

  6. Susan

    Lots of great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  7. CHARDIX42


  8. afro deity

    Words of wisdom …..and I mean totally!!

  9. SymanthasMom

    You look amazing! And you’ve done it right by making changes not just dieting. 💪🏼. Get it mama!!

  10. Kerstin Von MyLittleCraftAddiction

    Thank you Laura, I really needed to hear that. 🙇🏻‍♀️ I am a little bit struggling right now, it's already getting better, but your talk encouraged me even more. Also a big THANK YOU for the PB2 chocolate tip, that stuff is awesome and good substitute for Nutella. 😍

  11. M. Sam’uel

    Thanks Laura for the great tips for Thanksgiving! You are correct it’s just a meal.
    You are looking absolutely amazing!

  12. Stephanie Carreno

    Happy early Thanksgiving!! Thank you for your tips! ☺️♥️

  13. Lori Murphy

    Good thoughts! Thank you! I used to check out restaurant menus online before going to get an idea what would be better towards points.

  14. SixerIverson04

    Happy Early Thanksgiving

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