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  1. elijo sintetico

    at last. The only video with a real gameplay. Without a little window on one side with an idiot telling you his life. I just wanted to see the game. You did it like that OLE !!! I love you and this game!!!

  2. DragonsREpic


  3. Tanpopo

    Great game. Just like depression quest. Innovative. Creative. Great.
    I won't pay 15 eurodollars for this.

  4. The Boom

    this is sad slam poetry but where is the creativity?

  5. Nathan Lamoureux

    there's a radio lab podcast featuring this game and why it was created. podcast's titled "cathedral".

  6. Sohib AL-Gotimel

    thanx replayall for introducing me to this game.

  7. Calli Mize

    Go listen to the podcast from RadioLab or ReplyAll called "the Cathedral". This explains the story behind this whole thing in detail.

  8. Dave Dogge

    I'm going to buy it but I'll have to get emotionally prepared to play, it's not something you can pick up at any time to only distract you, it's deeper than that. Lets hope it's engaging and thought provoking.

  9. Tiffany Adkins

    Well this would be really hard to play. He sounds like he's crying in his dialog.

  10. you must not know dick about starkid

    Some people say that they refuse to play a game that is emotional. I think that's sad. It's not like we're playing a game for the sake of feeling sad or miserable. I believe the best games make you feel things, even if it's not necessarily joy or adrenaline. I suffer from a mental disorder and I played Fran Bow. I found myself tearing up whenever I could relate to a character. I don't think games should only be about jumpscares, bikini armor and quick time events. Games could also be a way to tell a story, even if the story is too close to home.

  11. Linebacker

    Rest in peace Joel green.

  12. Ximer

    Chi è qui grazie a Quei Due Sul Server?

  13. Caleb Blouch

    I think I'm gonna cry

  14. RyogaHibikiPigDance

    That was awful.

  15. Meower Maneki

    you'll never be killer7 you pretentious nobodies

  16. Elliott Montgomery

    I am gonna be honest…I will probably not play this. It's way too depressing for me.

  17. crazyinsane500

    Man, move over Clementine. The Green family are going to take your place on the feels meter.

  18. Jacques Louw

    So sad, so compelling, so beautiful… I haven't even seen a full 4 minutes, but I know this is an absolute masterpiece… I'm in awe, so much respect for this game's developer…

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