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  1. Sonio 90

    You should do tutorials

  2. non-stop stopmotion creations

    Awesome great stopmotion

  3. Mello

    "If you can't take the heat, don't beat the meat."

  4. GJ Studios

    Nice and factual, just the way I like it

  5. TheBricks

    Dude your channel is so underrated! Cant wait to see more in the future

  6. ColorWheelHero

    Beat the meat!
    Beat the meat!

  7. Faiz Frez

    But i never seen anyone do acupuncture with an axe

  8. Moneybags360

    So.. wait.. can he swim?

  9. ACE Films

    I like the movement, line delivery, and comedy. This is really truly epic. And for an idea for the next idea is what happens to the characters in a movie after the movie?

  10. Memiliano

    Too Smoth

  11. Keith Croft

    But what about the gem.

  12. TJ Animations

    Thats actually pretty cool! You deserve way more subs! Anyway could you give me some feedback on the video i recently uploaded? Thanks! 😀

  13. Ray Goo

    recreate a episode of the office

  14. David Vitek

    The story of Gesundheit and the Achoos

  15. Mr.Nickname

    1:17 Nope

  16. Smithery Sam

    couldnt have done it better myself :')

  17. painhellemental 9000


  18. Brick Broadcasting

    Great!! Always wondered the origins of acupuncture!..

  19. Potatu

    Great job! Keep up the good work and have a nice day.

  20. Zucc Cuckerberg

    The crusades to control acupuncture, colorized (1000 – 1495)

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