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  1. morellifit

    who think I should give away more than 10 of the METABOLIC RESET?!

  2. colorfulbearwanderer kisses

    Thank you for this but i also need the guide book..thanks

  3. Missy Harrison

    Me please!

  4. Hamza Ahmed

    Im late😣

  5. Mohammed Wahidy

    I think you will give away more metabolic rate because you love to help people who need to change their life, health, and body. This metabolic rate will help a lot of people and they will recomend you to other people= more subcribers= more followers= more results= more money👌👌👌👊💪💪👏

  6. Johanna Carrion

    All your videos are amazing, thank you!!!!

  7. Erica Garcia

    Any suggestions for coffee drinkers? How do we sweeten our coffee?

  8. Amit kumar Mohanty

    You are the one on which I can rely on.

  9. Bernadette Biggs

    Wow! This is great information presented in simple terms. Love it!

  10. Sama &Lolo

    I will try this for sure . Could you please talk about dairy products?I cannt live with out my coffe with milk .

  11. Panos

    Lets do this!

  12. Nemesis Bianchie

    💯💪🙏❤🙏 you're the greatest, dear Morellifit

  13. Akhing J

    I want the book

  14. gorito21

    Let's goo

  15. kit kat

    Commenter number 36 / I will do it for 7 day and I will come back to this video to tell u what I did and what happened

  16. kit kat

    I m commenter number 36 and send to me the gold way (21 day reset your insulin )to have good health want too much to change my health

  17. James Turner

    Many thanks for the information👍

  18. jakal817

    With ACV, what are your thoughts about shots vs. capsules?

  19. jakal817

    Haven't seen your videos in a long time, needed to hear the this info, thanks

  20. varun rajendran


  21. Owais Pasta

    Superb video

  22. Akshay Nair

    I'm 12th guuy to comment
    Is there any way for u to reconsider me please

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