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  1. Sammy Pater

    People need to chill tf out

  2. Victoria Ashley

    People really need to stop bringing up amanda copying the girls lip swatch design. She didn’t know, she took the sweatshirt down immediately after finding out, apologized to the girl by name, then publicly apologized and admitted her wrongs about what happened. She handed the situation very professionally unlike someone we all know (JH) so people need to get over it and stop holding it against her. Geeezzzz 🙄

  3. Corinna Henderson

    The girl who copies people is mad someone copied her? Okay, I’ll click.

  4. kasey hatch

    "you could say 'i didnt see yours but i was inspired by pinterest' its not that hard" like wtf is that not what kylie said??? LMAO she said those exact words just a lil funnier

  5. kasey hatch

    "iT wAs A jOkE" like kay sis we all know you were being passive aggressive lets not lie now

  6. Samantha Lowe

    Amanda is one of the sweetest beauty gurus. If you watched Marlena Stells video you would know this. She’s a real one ☝️

  7. saraa9910

    Who is she ?

  8. Lainey Bug

    The T W 0

  9. Dorianna Flowers

    Amanda is becoming a bit boujee and entitled lately NOT FEELING IT GIRL like what have u successfully done ? Too feel that way? But don't get mad it's a joke 😂

  10. Bella Bunny Bath and Body

    That girl is a moron.. beautiful.. but a moron

  11. P K

    before this video i had no idea who amanda was

  12. Rebecca S

    Amanda ENDing needs to go back to stealing people's sweatshirt designs and claiming them as her own, and then threatening legal action and hiding behind GOD claiming she'll "pray for people" when people called her out for her thievery. One day she's claiming she's not a woman of color but when people point out her mom is Puerto Rican all of a sudden she's miss Latina Puerto Rico USA. Idiot who rides on everyone else's coat tails and hasn't had an original video idea since coming to the scene. All that filler has poisoned her brain. Let's not forget that her jackhole boyfriend threatened to kill a cop last year (or the year before). She needs to be canceled. #girlbye ✋🏾

  13. Mike Canion

    Kylie seriously doesn't give a fuck why is she bringing this up

  14. Sara M

    You cant make a video with The title she copied because she necer did say that in the first place so I dont understand what peoples problems are. Let The girl live her live and stop coming after her

  15. Pepperrr

    Oh yikes I thought my forehead was big but oop-

  16. Diane Diane

    What’s the big deal again?

  17. Just Normal

    This is so embarrassing lmfao

  18. Kawiigirl2656 K

    If Kylie copies me I would go you can have it all you want but give me money

  19. Anak ayam


  20. Anak ayam

    Lol unnecessary bitch

  21. 2005deluxe

    Haha swatch queen – yeah do more research like a 2 second search next time or how about before a launch.

  22. Maria Lopez

    I didn’t know she existed

  23. Stephanie Pedroza

    Like who is she lmao 😅😂

  24. Gabby Lepera

    I love your channel but “Another day, another drama” doesn’t make grammatical sense…….

  25. V kook

    Omg her forehead 😭😭

  26. Arianna Alvarez

    she should’ve just deleted her comment. Amanda will do anythinggg for clout

  27. hello peoples

    Cough cough narcissist

  28. 0389BA

    Both these bitches steal ideas from other people..so she can have a seat with that BS!

  29. Shonjah Pollard

    She copied another girl tho. Thank you NEXT

  30. Lindsay Ceara

    Kylie’s irrelevant & fake as hell, literally no reason as to why she’s famous. forgot her existence tbh

  31. •Shook Tea •

    I haven’t even heard of this AManDa before this.

  32. Alison Cosner

    Wait a second.

    Wasn’t this the same girl who stole art from another artist. The swatch queen drama? Am I wrong?

  33. Anne Sofie Merkistein

    She should try focusing on the climate change instead of this bs

  34. Arin Rohrbach

    Oh I very well remember the swatch queen debacle. I went and bought the tee from the original designer and unfollowed Amanda. She was FULL on lying about stealing that girl’s design.

  35. LooVe maA CuUrry

    The "T W" 😂 ahh Google

  36. Suu Li

    People blow so many things out of proportion

  37. Jades k

    lmao am I the only one who knew it was a joke

  38. Pink Jello

    Pathetic af 🤣🙄

  39. 1993igli

    Kiss your career goodbye

  40. Jelly Donut

    I don't know who this Amanda girl is but damn…….that is a f o r e h e a d

  41. FransBauerIsSexy

    the first few seconds i thought that the world record egg was talking

  42. CC Peratrovich

    does kylie even know who she is?

  43. Jessica B

    Amanda: I use all the makeup PR she's sent me.
    Also Amanda: Not once did she acknowledge or support me.
    okay girl..

  44. Lucija Knežević

    Imagine fighting over a PHOTOO

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