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  1. beef

    who is the most unrecognizable?

  2. DD Squad

    James Charles talk to much

  3. pyschic eyes

    Why does jaclyn hill look and act like Gretchen Weiner 😂

  4. Kai Voisey

    Bretmanrock didn’t change at all and I don’t hate it

  5. Sara Morales

    hi you wanna die tonight?

  6. sofia the walking meme

    i lost it 1:05

  7. LNT Squad

    Poor through rich youtubers starts off small then started off who everybody cares about and fake videos

  8. Sara V.

    James before: straight son
    James after: gaeee father
    Jefree before: criminal
    Jefree after: calls his lawyers
    Niki before: princess
    Niki after: Queen
    Jaclyn before: doesnt need money cause she has it
    Jaclyn after: needs money cause shes losing YT money
    Tati before: 40 years old
    Tati after: 20 years old
    Bretman before: (level 1000)princess pt.2
    Bretman after: (level 10000000) Queen Pt.2
    Please take this comment a joke
    Bretman after

  9. LNT Squad

    Why can’t they be what god made them not rich

  10. Danyiel Says

    WOW everyone getting lip fillers✌😝and I'm here born blessed with them I guess


    Did bretman bleach his skin

  12. mia l

    bretman was sooo tan back then omg

  13. Youneecorn Cream


  14. samirah patton

    how many times did he say bitch?

  15. Mela Lew

    why is jefree star before literally all my thoughts of my existence on a daily basis

  16. Reetika Tamang

    The foundation crack at 1:10 on his nose though…

  17. i'm jungshook

    james talked so slow before he got famous 💀

  18. Lucija Lorena

    Why was Bret so much darker ?

  19. Kira Butler

    Tati ages backwards I swear

  20. Hanako

    All beauty gurus after: 👁👄👁

  21. Jaclyn before : today were testing out a new makeup pallet!

  22. Whipped cream addict

    Bretman Rock’s skin o.O

  23. Andrea Espada

    I just figured out that James has lip injections. That’s sad. Like if you too

  24. Taehyung’s LoveNerp

    I remember jeffree used to hang out with a band I used to listen to in middle school called Blood on the dance floor, he even made music and I used to listen to that as well, I still remember that “I wear lipstick and I’ll fuck your bitch” song he made. Oh the memories

  25. Dakota Smith

    Okay I never leave two comments but I heard of once you never go back but bretman did the opposite my eyes and jaw dropped

  26. Dakota Smith

    Am I the only one who keeps listening to nikki hearing her accent but her 2019 voice is overlapping

  27. Dyslexic Teletubby

    I’m sorry what… Jeffree appeared in the universe and was already a star 🌟

  28. lisa

    how did bretman rocks skin get 200 shades lighter

  29. Marzo Poop

    Before he was famous? HA Jeffrees been famous for a damn while

  30. kylie m

    jeffree was always kinda stingy

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