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  1. Brett S.

    Wasn’t the shooter in the crease area…not charging or gt interference?

  2. S Wave

    I'm coming back to this after watching the NHL tonight. The NHL has nothing on this stuff (except of course for watching McDavid).

  3. gymguy25

    Miller's "scores" sounds almost exactly like it did when Eberle tied the game against Russia with 5 seconds left in the 3rd period of the semis in 2009 😀

  4. paul vonk

    Thomas is definately a King now King of Canada

  5. Robert Alan

    Should have been waved off. Canada getting the magic home field calls as usual


    I love watching any games that Gord Miller commentates. The passion and enthusiasm he brings definitely adds to it!

  7. Rhizosphere Renegade

    Canada is hockey. Russians are crying salty tears and the yanks are right where they should be…. medal less

  8. King Snowman

    Closed captioning is so bad.

  9. Alex Green

    Hiya, well put together video you've got going here.

  10. S G

    Moskau, Moskau
    Wirf die Gläser an die Wand
    Russland ist ein schönes Land

  11. Eric Brewer Guitar

    He Akil’ed em

  12. Brandon Ruggles

    Played goalie my whole life. Can't figure out why he didn't come 6 inches out of his net and just play the puck. Fail. lol

  13. UFC3 Live

    I still can't believe the goalie didn't come out for that OR poke check. Baffling. However I'll fuckin take it baby. Woooooo

  14. trllr

    One thing I noticed is you shine when needed both Thomas and stenbergen both got there only goals as the gold medal winning goals

  15. howzerqwerty

    "Can you believe it!!!"
    "Yes I can."
    Shut up McGuire nobody asked you.

  16. TCG Splash

    Wait guys I think the coach might have smiled or showed some emotion for once

  17. cheeki breeki

    Im canadian and this should have been interference but no one says anything because its against russia. The russian bashing is in fashion right now. Sad.

  18. misterrr7

    Good job Snickers. Your African ancestors can be proud.

  19. Iurii Zhgutov

    I am from Russia and I placed my bet on Canada with 1.75 quote. Thank you guys for kicking putin agressive ass team:)))

  20. 43 Azeem


  21. Sean Reimer

    It’s terrible how after every great Gord Miller call over the years, I brace for the dreaded “I can.” Well done Canada, proud to wear the maple leaf today!

  22. Trianna LaKings

    What happen to 6-0 Russia??…

  23. ZennerGOAT

    What a beauty! He's a legend now in Canadian hockey just like Steenbergen, Crosby & Eberle.

  24. Eckomachine

    Let's go IceDogs!!

  25. Grimace

    2018, tyler steenburgen barely played, scored winner. 2020, akil thomas, barely plays, scores winner

  26. Alerts Camera

    Scarborough represents!

  27. strongRIDER 344

    I’m a russian living in Canada I don’t know if I have to be happy or sad 🤔

  28. strongRIDER 344


  29. acetradamus


  30. Brendan The epic gamer leaf fan

    At the beginning of the tournament i predicted that Canada would win gold and beat Sweden in overtime 4-3 i got Sweden wrong and the overtime but, holy fuck i was right about Canada winning gold and winning 4-3

  31. Erik Boulware

    From an American, congrats on beating Russia and winning gold Canada!!!

  32. reelkena

    It's never an easy split second decision to come out of the net to play the puck as a goaltender, but that was a clear one. Mistake was punished.

  33. mgraysonhay

    No matter what happens in Akil Thomas’ career from this point onwards, this will be a moment he will never forget for the rest of his life. What an incredible moment to cherish for both him and every Canadian who supported this team during this Gold Medal Run, so proud to be Canadian! 🇨🇦

  34. Lava1964

    It reminded me of Peter Mahovlich's goal in 1972.

  35. S Wave

    Either way, brutal defense by the Russians allowing Thomas to get inside like that in a tie game late in the 3rd. Look at the Russian, smacking at the PUCK instead of standing up to his man and preventing him from entering the zone. Tick, tack lucky bounce goes the puck, and next thing you know he's on a break. The lesson is, take the man, without a man, the puck can't hurt you, and one of his teammates could have easily cleaned the puck up. Instead, whack whack at the puck, and if you miss, it's breakaway time in a 3-3 game when the momentum is with the forward's team. Small mistakes lead to big goals.

  36. S Wave

    . . . in the dwindling minutes of a sudden death game, Canadians wait patiently for the hero to step forth. This year, his name is Thomas! Scores!

  37. ric vegas

    i bet russia is pissed they have no black players

  38. Phill Maltese

    Great game today boys… All around team effort Canada is proud of you…. Congratulations

  39. Odie GSD

    Listen to the crowd. U sure this game wasn't played in the homeland?

  40. Odie GSD

    Chills. Thomas uv now joined the list of epic Canadian international goals.

  41. Brett Shillington

    Akil Thomas, the golden goal!!!

  42. Hattrick Kane 88

    Lafreniere sucks. Just a floater. Caufield is better.


    Cry Russia cry

  44. Hare Brahs

    garbage refs, but the ruskies choked big time.

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