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  1. Snehal Mehta


  2. Hot Wheel man Raven

    I fall asleep every night with your voice in my head when I pass someday I'll be a raven the first thing you see before watching over you constantly God bless stay outside it's much better

  3. Oded Fried-Gaon


    #OdedFriedGaon #OdedMusic

  4. Deepak Jayaram

    nature is my real god all are save my god

  5. Edward van velthoven rey


  6. Sandro Schmitt

    Wunder video !


    almost perfect

  8. VinlandEinherjar


  9. VinlandEinherjar

    I'd say New Age is the new name for Pagans. Don't want to be hunted again by the inquisition heh?

  10. VinlandEinherjar

    Who said the opposite?

  11. DynomitePunch

    HAHA i finally found it, i had this band saved to my old computer but couldn't quite remember the name, or the songs name, and then i typed in nature mother beauty and bam, WOOH i found it, thank the gods……ha….i can relax now^^

  12. Tom Beukenkamp

    yes wonderful

  13. Tom Beukenkamp

    wonderful in this word.

  14. Fernando Bazan

    Destruction, death, and a dead full of maggots are also Nature.

  15. Dikranovski

    chuck norris uses mother nature as a prostitute

  16. Mav Eio

    @FadedSilkandGhosts Right. They are ignorant. I think all universal religions are shit. They have been created by internationalist Lobbyes who wanna control the whole all world mass.
    Religion is culture …and it should be taken by that one folk only.

  17. FadedSilkandGhosts

    All mesopotamic descended religions are ignorant, dark and dangerous(islam, christianity, judaism, etc). I've never trusted major religions and I never will. Too many dark deeds they've all done that are supposedly against their teachings…nothing worthy of following in that.

  18. Mav Eio

    @Ofidron It's not easy to keep pagan during this dark time where Christentum is controling us and where Islamist are preparing themselves to get to Europe through Libia. May Odin be helping us to defence our lands by islamic invasion.

  19. Wodanaz .999

    …ich mag ganz und garnicht diese natur,ich liebe sie aus vollstem herzen,ein wahrlich wunderschönes lied,thanks for upload,hail asa og vana

  20. Hagalaz21


  21. Hagalaz21

    YES! True!!!
    Hail to you !

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