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  1. Paige

    you should use a re suable makeup remover cloth!!! They are way better for the environment and also save you lots of money

  2. Faith A

    Hey Keaton, I love your necklaces! Where did you get them?

  3. Michelle Troup

    Where is your top from?!

  4. Taylor Carson

    Hii I’m a new subscriber!! 🤩 Really enjoy your videos! Thinking about buying the living proof glaze light for my blonde highlights :))

  5. Ashley Merino

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! been here since day one!! Pls bring back the grwm or style look books!! Love u girl

  6. katy

    I am LIVING for all of these uploads!!!!!!

  7. Sara Brightwell

    Thanks for this video. I love how you’re able to bring out the color of your eyes. Definitely going to try the eyeliner.💙

  8. Reece

    can you tag whatever jewelry you wear in the downbar for every video?? I love every single piece you wear ugh <3

  9. Madison D

    I don’t think you can smell it in stores, on the website it says online only PLEASE let me know

  10. cici30love

    I needa do that wit the gel nd toothbrush, I have alot of baby hairs sticking out everywhere lol ugh

  11. Liz Iacov

    im not a new subscriber BUT i've been here since you had 20K and you're just as genuine as you were back then! Love your stuff 🙂

  12. Kimberly A.

    For the neutrogena wipes, the key ingredient is Aloe!

  13. Khadija Afreen

    I subscribed to your channel back in 2014 when I was in Dubai and now I moved to Arizona and you go to ASU now that’s dope

  14. Sydney Drew

    Please do a video going through all your t shirts and where you got them! You have the coolest ones and I can never find any!
    Love you💛

  15. Alissa Elves

    Do you layer the hourglass bronzer on top of a different bronzer? Or is that it on its own? ❤️

  16. Zoe Revas

    Bought that serum after you posted it on your insta story, LOVE IT❤️

  17. alexandra marie

    I don't think I ever hear "you guys" so much within 3 minutes than when I watch your videos hahaha Ily though, literally not a problem just a cute quirk

  18. Rocio Gonzalez

    I love your top! Where is it from?!

  19. SoN2MakeuP

    It’s called “laying your edges”

  20. Olivia Smock

    I adore the L’Oréal Proglow foundation, I try other foundations and I always end up going back to the Proglow. It’s been my favorite for years

  21. Cali w

    been a long-time subscriber and still get so excited for keatons videos!!!

  22. Gracie Klodt

    New Sub !!! <3 love you

  23. Michelle Clark

    No links?

  24. Anna Garcia

    Please make a fall outfit haul

  25. Nomi Pratt

    Seriously love these type of videos!! Thanks for sharing your favs with us🥰🥰

  26. Maddie Miles

    we love 🤩

  27. Unique_007

    ♡ (( Keaton is cute, Talented and amaZing
      ( •  •)♡ I'm new here
    ━∪∪━ 💖u xoxoxo 😘

  28. Carissa M

    You look so pretty!!💖💖

  29. Bethany Noonan

    if u need them then i need them🤣🤣

  30. Amy Pembroke

    YESSSS I LOVE your makeup videos!!! Cannot wait for your new makeup get ready with me/tutorial video❤️❤️❤️

  31. Gabby

    omg where can i get the serum?? its sold out on their website 🙁 i need it

  32. Sara Guajardo

    Hi Keaton! I’m a new subscriber💕 Love your personality and aesthetic!

  33. Nicole Ye

    Can you link the lash serum???

  34. Jahan Ebrahim

    Name a funnier, sweeter, more genuine youtuber than Keaton Milburn

    I’ll wait….

    Oh see you CAN’T


  35. Jahan Ebrahim

    Keaton making my Wednesday a WHOLE lot better 😍😩 !!!

  36. Kendall Duncan

    legit watching this during class because you’re that important x ❤️

  37. Greta Stanton

    no better way to start my wednesday, love you keaton xx

  38. Sara Sofia

    Yesss I swear by those makeup wipes…it’s all I use 👌🏼 I finally started my own channel about a month ago…not beauty necessarily but on my fitness journeyy etc…😬

  39. Keniesha


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