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  1. Kassandra wilson

    what lipstick is destiny wearingggggggg omg love it

  2. Aaliyah Haughton

    Their personalities bounce off each other really well, I want more videos with them 2

  3. T M

    Destiney is so beautiful and I love her personality

  4. yeet yeet

    ~*joyce byers has joined the chat*~

  5. Alexis Ligon

    As a fellow beauty store employee, I loved this video😂

  6. KIPONee

    Y’all can’t take tips??? THATS some bs

  7. Clemen Pralineee

    I thought Jazz was james charles in da thumbnail 😂

  8. Clemen Pralineee

    I thought Jazz was james charles im da thumbnail 😂

  9. Annae Williams

    I was at the MAC store and it was just a horrible weather, so super surprised anyone was there at all, need some make up knowledge, and have nothing but praise for MAC, but, this lady came in and was essentially all of the worse stories these two amazing woman are sharing. The kids were throwing products at one another, knocking stuff, and complain the employee, the single one employee whom showed up was not moving fast enough and literally snapping her fingers. After dealing with this horrible customer, that employee broke down a little and cried and we talked and she end up helping me out completely for free when she should have charged me and said thank you for being so kind and caring. Which i don't need to be thanked, we should just be that way to one another i don't get rude people whom think the world revolves around them.

  10. No Idea

    2:52 lmao jazzmyne looked at destiny’s response first and then quickly changed her sign to “i have”

  11. Astral Artworks

    I thought they worked at buzzfeed

  12. Ayana West

    Girl I worked at Bareminerals too! Them eyeshadows got on my neeeeeerves

  13. Shrinithi Soundarrajan

    I really loved what Destiny did to the last customer she talked about. Initially I thought "OMG, she messed up a rude customer's make up" and then she went on to tell her story, and I was like, "wow, that's the best anyone could have ever done in that situation"

  14. Paulina

    Okay, I need more videos with Destiny in them! i sense good vibez from her 💛

  15. Tatum Dean

    I love how they say wanting to quit is healthy.
    Jazzmyne topped it off perfectly with, "No one wants to be too comfortable."
    Deadass me right now 😂😂😂

  16. Ra-eesa Du Toit

    I'm literally this entire video 😄

    Cross sell

    That ish😂 urgh I need to get out of retail guys

  17. Green Tara

    Customers can now Cash App you on the low low

  18. kindie scoot

    Fix your sound mixing!!!!

  19. Izzy Daniel

    If he wanted his wife to be “fair”, he should’ve married a fair-skinned woman. I wish a punk would say that crap out loud around me, my child, or anyone else….

  20. Hello

    Is there/there needs to be a video where Jazz describes her tattoos

  21. Makeup Vixen

    Wow this took me back to my days being a freelancer for Mac. Hilarious video

  22. Shea Mcknight

    do one where you have haunted house employees!! im one myself!!

  23. Jimothy Halpert

    I mean, y'all could've actually got real employees. Not just your own employees.

  24. Ange N.O.

    Please, please bring Destiny back for something, anything! Loved her energy. 🤣

  25. Gees Momma

    Soooo MAC vs SEPHORA 👀

  26. Stephanie Hansen

    I was stalked for 2 years by a customer when I worked at Sephora. He eventually got banned by the mall. I was so over it by then.

  27. leen fira

    Is it a common thing in the US beauty store to have free makeup services? That's awesome

  28. Floreine-Jemima Joseph

    😕😕😕 I know nothing about makeup… I guess I'll pass over a store employee "helping" me get what I really need…

  29. Wendy Hundley

    the story about the hubs who wanted her to be 'fair' was crazy!

  30. Alana Becker

    THE SUBTITLES READ “SKETCHERS”. I knew there was always a T !!!! 👏🏻😂 2:42

  31. Kooka chuu

    I’ll put a 🍡 for every like this comment get


    I’m just doing this for fun. Let’s see if I can keep up.

  32. nazerah08

    Why tip is not allowed?

    In some cultures it’s normal for people to buy foundation in fair color. I once went to a wedding at another country, the bride wore white painted makeup and her skin tone was dark

  33. sarah mann

    Why can’t you accept tips?

  34. Lauren Barry

    mac vs sephora

  35. Thomas Hopkins

    They should do a Retail emplyees never have i ever

  36. Asmaa AbdelKhalek

    I really love Jasmine's style and her whole vibe, so I don't mind if she added extra non needed items in my basket.

  37. NarciCism

    I WISH Ulta/MAC/Sephora/Nyx would hire me…. :/ :/

  38. Samantha Collins

    Why aren’t they allowed to receive tips?

  39. Taylor's Way

    2:25 (for me transferring this to my computer)

  40. Ruki Awesome

    Phenomenal woman
    Poem by- maya angelou
    ( Jazz’s top remains me of it)
    I’m a woman
    Phenomenal woman,
    That’s me.

  41. Hailey Rafferty

    Lady on the left is one of those people who are just pure joy to everyone around them.

  42. jake gacha


  43. Dear Lovely Rosemary

    Never have I ever… played never have I ever

  44. sherry zarzuela

    Shouldn't the title include the word former

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