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  1. Hitesh R

    I face gut problems and I regularly see ur videos. I do catch colds easily. Will surely CS. Can you tell if it is safely excreted by body? Is it a heavy metal?

  2. Sumer Muhana

    Can pregnant women take CS or if thinking about getting pregnant? Thank you! I learned so much from you ❤️❤️

  3. Caroline Laronda

    I posted a long comment in another video you had I think about sinus infections . To make a long story short colloidal silver cured my Lyme related genital pain I experienced my whole adult life ( only hurt during sex) . After experimenting with silver I realized the magic of it . I fixed my problem by accident. With Lyme disease men and women both experience genital pain and irritation for whatever reason but I fixed it with colloidal silver . I had no idea what I was doing but definitely noticed the results . It was no coincidence. I took an ounce a day for 4 days when I noticed the miracle right after . And this was after 20 plus years of being in pain . So believe me it was life changing .

  4. God's Child

    Hi there – thanks for the video – I would like to ask something? Can Colloidal silver cause stomach cramps? This stuff really works and I’ve used it with success but most times I get very bad cramps? Could this be linked or do you think it’s something else? Thank you…

  5. Ta tum

    I took it when i got bronchitis…. but it gave me diarrhea. When i stopped taking it. Diarrhea went away. I took it again a week later at a lower dose. Diarrhea. I tried it one more time…. at just one dropper full… diarrhea.

    My cold/bronchitis went away very quickly though 🤣


    I am just got wondered of its benefits. Thanks Peggy for sharing 👏👏👍

  7. Robert Caudill

    I used to have 10 warts on my hand. After taking colloidal silver they all disappeared!

  8. Mark McDowell

    WE LOVE IT !!!!

  9. Tyler Jones

    Hi Peggy , I am going to try this for my eczema spots, thanks! Also have a question: for the past few years I seem to be intolerant to tomatoes, of any form, sauce , salsa, raw, they make my stomach feel bad and bloated. I’ve been doing the organic veggies and fruits for three weeks now and still react to tomatoes. Should I keep trying to eat them or should I avoid them and try again later after continuing to eat healthy?

  10. Cynthia Ava

    I have used colloidal silver in the neti pot when I have had sinus infections. Works great. Also, used it to get rid of candida issue in my body. I use it whenever I get sick. I have had many adverse reactions to antibiotics in the past- so good to know that CS is so powerful against viruses, bacteria, and fungus.

  11. Trimbaker

    Peggy, you are the silver. Please continue…

  12. Soleil Marie Wajsen

    Thanks Peggy! I'm going to try the colloidal silver first time in my life. Is going to be one month since I went from being a vegetarian all my life to a vegan. I quit dairy, eggs, corn, gluten, processed sugar and coffee and I'm feeling fantastic! No anxiety or foggy brain anymore. Digestion is just perfect. I'm glad I choose to listen to you and apply your knowledge in my daily life. I still have to eliminate phyloris bacteria in my blood, I hope that the colloidal silver helps me with that. Thanks my dear Peggy for your help, my life is changing for the better! What you suggest always works if entirely applied! Love ❤️Soleil

  13. Sovereign Creative

    Its my first go to in my limitless, ever growing arsenal of remedies and cures. Skeptics you need not bother. Your fate is in the hands of those you trust. Woe to you.

  14. Trimbaker

    Hello Peggy, I remember as a kid, being careful to save the silver dime from inside each jar of beans and beets that came from the shelves in the basement. The silver, ( old coin) dime was there to prevent botulism from making the food poisonous… We would put the dime in the next jar that was canned full of preserved food. Silver has been precious for generations. What you share is truly important on many levels. My only wish now is that I lived no less than next door to you, down the road, or across the valley. You are a good and benevolent person. Once again, smiling, George.

  15. Kyle Blackmore

    Hey, I was wondering if I could use activated charcoal to releave some detox symptoms in my skin as its the only thing I have in my house,? 🙂

  16. Ziddy Claus

    Are you in Germany? What do you call it in supermarkets or do you order online

  17. Drea 13

    Have been using CS for 10 years for a multitude of reasons but it’s phenomenal to prevent / treat colds, flus, etc…I always keep it in my arsenal🙌

  18. dos dandelions

    I have used it for 2 years and put 1 or 2 drops into each nostril and let it flow into my sinuses. It really works! I take it orally and use it externally when needed. My cats get it too when they have sniffles. Thank you so much for making this known.

  19. App Man

    I have a nutrition background, good video, informative…

  20. Valerie Willimann

    No never tried it

  21. Bartolomeo Gleichmut

    Sorry, but Colloidal Silver kills also many lactobacillus strains in the Gut.

  22. Stacey saunders

    I have methane SIBO and gut yeast, would it help to take silver, if so how much?

  23. HawaiiLimey

    There was a research paper recently that stated they discovered the silver accumulating immediately outside of the cells and disrupting ion signalling which is a factor towards the development of cancer. I have been unable to relocate the paper. Did anyone else read this?

  24. Curtisg

    What about mold in the body? Will it help kill it

  25. Niso Z

    Hi Peggy thank you for this wonderful video:))) can I give it to my six years old daughter??

  26. Valenstyle

    Hi, first thank you for doing these videos!! I listened to your video on Sinus! I got chronic sinus infections! It worked amazing!! No more infections! Keep up the good work!! Oh I also now do celery juice every day!! 🤩👍😉

  27. Omni Knight

    I don't know why i like you lool :)), you are sweet

  28. Kathie S

    Hi peggy, I didn't know that you could use silver on your skin. I'm going to try that! Can you use it in your nebulizer? My daughter in law suggested it for my breathing issues. What do you think?

  29. Najah Nagash

    No I never heard about it

  30. Yamura Healing

    I had Streptococcus infection which was very quicly healed with colloidal silver. I used it instead of antibiotics.

  31. sri ram

    I had weight loss , and acne & candida symptoms…so please guide me pls

  32. Savanna

    I have the spray, could someone please tell me the daily dose as it does not have any information on the bottle.

  33. google owns you

    Been making my own CS for decades. Three 9v batteries and 99.99% pure silver wire in some distilled water for daily use. When traveling it makes any local tap water safe to drink.

  34. Trimbaker

    HI Peggy, My sister gave me a small jar of colloidal silver ointment. I have used it in my travels working. I sometimes get a very dirty cut while working on old houses and the colloidal silver has been amazing for keeping infections from getting bad. I look forward to buying some of the colloidal silver you are using too. I never gave it much thought before, I just knew it was good. Thank you Peggy for yet another caring and helpful video. Smiling, George.

  35. Trimbaker

    Good Morning Peggy, I had to pause the video…" and he never caught the flu…" Good job debunking the blue man. and he never caught the flu…hahahaha…Thank you. My day has started with laughter before I have spoken the first word. Smiling, George.

  36. Ashlyn Fernandez

    Hey peggy, i have been suffering from eczema for last 3 years,now into 7th month on medical medium protocol. Now i am experiencing some detoxing.I read somewhere that milk thistle works great in liver detoxing and would like to start using it. Worried if i would have massive detoxing. What do you say?

  37. aris l

    Dosage? before or after meals? how many times a day? i have been using it for over a month now ( nasal spray ) every night and im still getting a blocked nose…it seems to work on and off but not completely …Could it be a dairy allergy im dealing with ?

  38. Skyry 3

    Must've been pretty blue when he realized it wasn't working. Drinking 32 oz a day? Dude opening a bank or shooting a rap video? 😂😂 "People drink water and Powerade at the gym. I drink that silver!" Someone check his teeth for 💎s. Clearly taking the term "self-worth" to the next level lol…

  39. Jay B Bonne

    Have used Souvereign Silver for a few months now – on your recommendation in your previous Colloidal Silver video. My sinus inflammation and silent pepsin reflux throat mucus issues have not improved much. Would be good with more detailed usage directions. Keep up the good work- Thanks!!

  40. Germaine Prien

    Wondering if you've done a vid on thyroiditis/hashimotos, or can you point me to one that can help me get mine back on track…TY!!!!

  41. Helen Ndow

    Have used it for many years and never had a cold or flu.

  42. Sami Bernard

    Fantastic yet again Peggy , been using said product for 3 months for nasal polyps which has eased complications

    Thank you

  43. margaret hirst

    Going to order some. Thankyou Peggy 🌞

  44. rjboonzaier

    What about dosage? Should it be taken with or without meals? Should you swallow as you put it in your mouth or leave it in the mouth for a few minutes before swallowing?

  45. bu omar

    Hi peggy.. I just recived mine yesterday ..and I was wondering how and when to use it …
    Your video just in time.
    What the dosage for allergie and sinus???????

  46. Durham Girl

    I have used it and am using it at the moment. It’s keeping my hay fever at bay. I use the spray up my nose. If I have a sore throat I use it too. I use the Rivers of Health brand. But will look at your brand too. Do you only take this when you’re sick Peggy? 🙏🏼

  47. Durham Girl

    I have used it and am using it at the moment. It’s keeping my hay fever at bay. I use the spray up my nose. If I have a sore throat I use it too. I use the Rivers of Health brand. But will look at your brand too. Do you only take this when you’re sick Peggy? 🙏🏼

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