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  1. Parthipan Kamaleswaran

    to say that diets fail and people revert to previous body weight not only applies to intermittent fasting, but WFPBD as well. In my opinion, it is easier to convince someone to do a 16:8 fast than tell them to go on to a WFPBD. I understand the benefits of going vegan, but it's harder than the fasting regimens I get patients to do, at least to start their life choice on weight loss. Fasting should be done with guidance from your doctor, if suitable for you.

  2. I like Potatoes

    Lemme guess. If the water is vegan than it's alright but if it's not you'll die of a heart attack.

  3. Raphael Quaglio

    Today I found an article proving the correlation between excess vitamin & minerals and weight gain.

  4. Johnny Walker

    once you fast more than 24 hours, your body will start releasing growth hormone, which will repair all kinds of things in your body that it never gets a chance to because you're always shoveling food in your mouth

  5. Johnny Walker

    fasting is a permanent lifestyle. not eating on Sundays isn't that hard. the biggest danger you need to watch out for is not getting enough salt during your fast, which is why most proponents of it will tell you to create an electrolyte mix that you drink to keep your body functioning properly.

  6. Scott Gabelman

    People that are overweight don't fast to lose weight !

  7. Gaijin Coordinator

    Hope you're proud of killing all these people, greger.

  8. Ra Stev

    "We'll find out next" let's see what product is going to be pushed in the next episode. Book possibly? Just don't call it a "diet" book. 😉 sinical me. 😞 maybe he's just seeking new subscriber revenue 💸 💰.

  9. amr khaled

    Finally translated to arabic

  10. Rhimi Lee

    Fasting during certain times or all day with just water- what kind of fast?

  11. TestingU 4Research

    You did not differentiate between types of fasting.

  12. Mark Biddy

    1966 seems to had been the year for fasting study conclusions. Great Work!!

  13. Simon Gütter

    Dont split up the video 🙁 🙁 🙁

  14. Besko

    Dont stop eating, think of the poor big corporations that wont get the trillions of dollars and the CEOs who wont be able to buy their 20th mansion and jet.

  15. Michael McEvoy

    Motion graphics on point 👌

  16. Phil Griffiths

    Good job promoting eating disorder behaviour

  17. matt wodziak

    The improved mood is partly due to stabilized blood sugar levels.

    Not to mention the improved mood and clarity observed by those on ketogenic diets. A diet that stabilizes blood sugar levels.

  18. Nick

    Your voice is so cool man!

  19. Jennie Lyra

    Me and my husband lost a combined 230+ lbs doing fasting (not intermittent, days of fasting in a row). The euphoria is real. I have kept the lbs off for two years, only gaining some back because I am wanting to get pregnant. The best part is that my husband no longer snores!

  20. Chad

    Fun fact… Fasts as short as 24 hours are ketogenic. Running on ketones from animal fat (your stored fat)

  21. amo

    Fasting is used also by animals when they are sick and injured.

  22. jbidwell605

    I went to a fasting clinic in Germany. The national health insurance pays for it and it is quite common there. Wish the rest of the world would jump onboard with this already.

  23. Huge4Guitar

    Everyone celebrating? I am sure he blows up fasting in next video🤦‍♂️

  24. zwady

    Intermittent fasting shouldn’t be done daily. It should be done intermittently. Twice a week for example.

  25. Astera Kh

    We as muslims fast for a month from sunrise to sunset in each year

  26. martin craughwell

    Wow 382 days! That's insane! How much weight did he lose?

  27. Alexander K

    Thank you, next!

  28. Mouse

    I find that fasting and intermittent fasting helps with my binge eating disorder and helps me not gain any more weight. I can go without food for 24 hours every single day and sometimes even 48 hours or more. When I do eat binge-eating episodes don`t occur cuz I only eat when accompanied since I`m completely unable to control my food intake when I eat alone. I almost feel like a normal person without an eating disorder when I force myself to fast for hours or days. Otherwise I`d be snacking on nuts, dates, fresh apples, tomatoes, rice, buckweat, oatmeal, garlic, kale etc. until I feel too stuffed to walk, gain a lot of weight and end up constantly criticizing my body. Fasting also reduces my hunger so that I don`t eat too fast when I finally eat my family dinner. So, for me personally fasting works very well.

  29. ampoules1

    Dr. Cliffhanger

  30. Jeff Hinzman

    I just had my first “I can’t wait for the next episode” moment on YouTube. C’mon man! Who shot JR? Who did Sam call on Cheers? Did Riker kill Borg Picard? This video is officially in my top ten of season cliffhangers.

  31. BeeRich33

    "Booda". My first 5-day fast had 3 days of detox, which resulted in headaches. Day 4, however, it all cleared up and I had stupendous energy. Day 5 had settled down and very clear head. I do 4-day fasts from time to time, should do one next week. That chart demonstrates a 50% increase during fasting. I'd rather a regime of plant-heavy diets. "Eat To Live" by Dr. Joel Fuhrman lays out all the groundwork for this. Lost 30 pounds in two months, while weekend "cheating" and drinking beer during all this. Hehe.

  32. Bill Ding the constructor

    I dont get how you calorie restrict when you calorie restrict you get really hugnry. even if you eat a lot of vegetables and fills up on it, i still "crave" like in my throat and mouth calories from potatoes, beans, rice etc. any tips? i wnt to get the health benefits pls. but i feel like a failure.

  33. T Burke

    So timely… I have been reevaluating my fasting practices and have some additional clarity about the direction I am heading in. Thanks Dr. Greger!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  34. The Artificial Society

    I guess if we starve ourselves, we can lose weigh. I think thats a good research topic for seventh grade. Does it really take a Phd to figure that out?

  35. IAM REAL

    Think the study shows something else very important… that obese people can go without food very easily, yet I am sure they all put much of it or more back on. IMHO some of us dont have an OFF switch (Perhaps our genes as we advanced turned of the constant craving for food (which we used to need for survival) but it didnt get turned off for all of us).. I am not obese…but struggle all the time to maintain a healthy weight. I can go forever with no eating…but once I start… I cant stop. Seriously

  36. Fernando Fidalgo

    "We'll find out……… NEXT!" 😳

  37. Raphael Quaglio

    Deficiency in vitamins & electrolyte imbalances is not healthy. Fasting every day for 20 hours is not good. Better to fast for 2 days with 2 days of replenishment & feeding. Long term fasting for a week or more is not healthy, even with supplements. Supplements are synthetic vitamins and no substitute for real food.

  38. roberto R

    I’m watching this while eating a huge peanut butter sandwich

  39. Plantbased Outdoors

    382 days???????????? I can't even fast for 382 minutes.

  40. Vegan Artist

    I hope you go into more detail in your video about the effects of fasting for men vrs. women. As far as my understand goes, a lot of studies have researched men on fasting diets but not women. And as such, at this point we don't know the effects that fasting can have on women's hormones, especially in non-obese/ healthy women. From my own personal experience and bias ( as a non-obese woman) stupid enough to think water fasting would have beneficial health benefits, I found the process to be far more damaging to my body than I was led to believe. It took months for my body and hormones to normalize afterwords.

  41. Thicc Vegan

    OH GOD COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  42. U WUT M8?

    so fasting is the gateway drug to a better life

  43. Nico Rob

    Could you talk about taurine?

  44. Alec Gargett

    No calorie-deficit weight loss diet is sustainable. It doesn't need to be. The important thing is whether it's healthy not whether it's sustainable. Looking forward to you actually discussing whether it is healthy.

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