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  1. NutritionFacts.org

    What else can flax seeds do? See the playlist:

  2. Helen Theofilis

    What can I do if I have an intolerance in flaxseeds?

  3. pessumpower

    So basically flaxseed meal MIGHT just accelerate bowel transit or impair digestion so you absorb less calories/nutrients from your food, ence Weight loss/Blood lipid improvements.

    I'd love to see the same study but with woodmeal, that might even be better.

    I'm not sure if fucking up the gut so you digest less food is a good approach to fixing modern chronic diseases.

    I obsiously might be wrong. But you can interprete this study as: flaxmeal impair digestion. (Which Is usually what all unproperly prepared whole grains/seeds do to survive the digestive process of Animals).

  4. Linda McNeil

    Wait, is LDL really bad?

  5. Seven Ellen

    Hear that America? Eat MORE calories to LOSE weight, carbs are HEALTHY, bread and potatoes don't make you fat, and vegans are AWESOME. Everything you've been taught about food is WRONG!

  6. Omnivore Deterioration

    Flaxseeds are used as a laxative because they have been shown to help with constipation. That doesn't mean flaxseeds give you diarrhea, in fact they have also been studied for their anti-diarrhea effects.

    Ignorant comments about flaxseeds making you shit are only making you look unintelligent. I have been vegan for over 3 years and have been eating flax every day and I haven't had diarrhea IN OVER 3 YEARS…. Hmmmm

  7. Yur Jhr

    Oh shit. I was occasionaly eating flax, but now imma add it to food more.

  8. n1k007

    benefits of cyanide poisoning via weight loss and eventually death

  9. S. K.

    Laxatives are used for weight loss. Flax is "considered" as laxative.

  10. Alexander Lowry

    Just finished the audible version of how not to die. Absolutely epic. Thank you!

  11. Because Kittens & Paint

    Please note that flaxseed, quinoa, and pumpkin seeds can cause serious GI tract cramping. This is due to the seeds getting stuck in intestinal folds. Do the research for yourself. The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) has studies & statistics on the real side effects of many natural supplements along with Rx drugs, OTC drugs, vaccines, medical procedures, etc.

  12. TheVegan Maniac

    love this

  13. Jtn Jtnn

    eating 2.5 tablespoons of ground flax a day with my lunch for my omega 3 fats.

  14. MissCherry

    Buying a whole batch of flax seeds first thing tomorrow

  15. Alfred Braun

    I love flax seeds, and steak, big juicy steaks.

  16. Brad Turner

    Any dangers of having too many flaxseeds? I eat a lot with porridge and my smoothie. Around 80 grams.

  17. The Artificial Society

    The video was definitely suggestive that there was a benefit to flax. But careful examination of the studies seems to indicate that there was little to no benefit. Bias is pretty evident.

  18. The Artificial Society

    The first study where you had flax or wheat after 1 month showed no benefit from just flax. What does that tell you? It means flax does very little or nothing. Basically it means its just food and should not be regarded in any other way. As far as omega-3, presumably it has it so hopefully the flax is not a total waste of money. The good news is that in bulk, its not too expensive. If you think its going to save your life, you're fooling yourself.

  19. BeeRich33

    I wonder how comparable items like blueberry pectin compares.

  20. Chaz Lon

    YOU IDIOTS flaxseeds is OF COURSE not the magic cure to weight loss its called EAT LESS! EAT LESS! EAT LESS! EAT LESS!

  21. admin8446

    Just fill capsules with either flax or control.

  22. DynamicGoatSlayer

    If you really want to loose fat, stop eating. By which I mean fasting.

  23. Hulagu Kahn


  24. The Plant Potential

    I am a big fan of flax! The Omega 3 ALA content is just absurd!

    Everyone should include them 🙂

  25. Sidilicious

    I will double my flax consumption to 2 tbs a day and see if it helps me shed that extra 10 lbs.

  26. Plant Maven

    I put ground flax in homemade vegan crackers and vegan bread. Also in oatmeal raisin vegan cookies.

  27. Nero Wolfe

    What was the "lifestyle" advice???

  28. TheRealTruth Videos

    only the flax maam

  29. Sandra E. A

    I have 2tblsps grounded daily with my oats, soymilk, blueberries, walnuts and sprinkled with nutmeg😋😋

  30. Monica R. Jordan

    good research I really like it

  31. dokehannah

    Had some flaxseed this morning! Hopefully that will cancel out the vegan cookie I just had lol

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