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  1. Tone and Tighten

    Do you have pain in your lower back? These exercises can help! Strengthen your core to stabilize your back and great things happen! Be sure to "LIKE" and "COMMENT" and thanks so much for watching!

  2. salman abu alsameed

    bulge disc can go away, for those who believe not … observe closely the exercises of Mr. Jared Tone and tighten

  3. Roger Savage

    I'm 66 and I want to tone and tighten my full body using my body weight . What do you recommend for me to do?

  4. Hectorino 375

    Doctor can you tell me why the bone under my knee hurts the bone that looks like a little ball bump on both knees when i do anything physical like sports

  5. Ted Kurland

    Really like your 5 basic Core exercises, I-ve been working on my core for a few months already, and I think they will really advance my results. Good demos, too. I have no pain in my back, but I have that hip region weakness and instability that you talk about that leads to my torso automatically bending forward when I'm walking— at 75, standing erect and enleign is becoming difficult for me. I do NOT want to be relagated to using a walker ( you know what I mean). Any suggestions?.

  6. Suryakumari Krishnamurthy

    Thanks,I apericiate,God bless u.

  7. Carlan Teng

    Your videos are very helpful to me!

  8. Just Me

    Liked, loved, and adored!!!! 😍😍😍😍Yaay, another great set of exercises to add to my brilliant collection, courtesy of the greatest PT in the YouTube world!!!!👐👐👐👐 You guys have inspired and motivated me so much that I am getting back the shape and flexibility I thought were long lost and gone forever. I am totally hooked up to your videos, have you noticed? 😜 😝😜 😝😂😂 And KUDOS to you, Jared, for being able to talk and do the exercises at the same time without forgetting as much as comma from the script!!! 💪💪💪💪💪God bless you and your absolutely gorgeous and lovely loved ones!!!💛 💚 💙 💜

  9. Hussien Ibrahiem

    I'm every day watch your viedo excellen doctor easy explanation thank you

  10. kelperdude

    I've been to a chiropractor a few times and he was never able to crack my back where I felt I had stiffness in the middle of my back. I've been watching your videos and they've been helping me a lot. I am now able to crack and straighten my mid back fairly easily. What I am now experiencing is an "up-down" muscle being pulled near the bottom of the rib cage and a couple inches to the right. It's pretty centralized in that area and feels more like a very tender knot. Do you have a link for one of your videos that might help address this? Thanks for all your info that you pass on to others.

  11. Blue sky

    As usual thank you so much

  12. 1amystika3

    Hello, I have thoracic spondylosis on my lower back. I enjoy doing kick boxing, but I was wondering if that type of workout is good or bad for my condition? Thank you.

  13. Sir please Composed with me thanks

  14. Cool & Funny

    I have a lower back pain with symptoms down the legs like burning, tingling and some numbness. it's been a year and half now due to lifting, pushing and pulling. i did the MRI but nothing serious showed up. been working on stretching the muscles and strengthening the corp. Any idea what's the cause of the symptoms and how to treat it?

  15. Evil Queen

    I did these same exact exercises at PT! 😁 Now I need to start doing them again! 😓

  16. Adam & Kel Gay

    Injured my lower back at work last November and aggravated it at work earlier in the week. I’m not having a bad time of it. Perfect timing – I only turned 37 a couple of weeks back toward the end of August.


    Hi, Thanks for proper guidance, but Can we do the same exercise for Ankolyising Spondylitis also…?

  18. Brenda Skaggs

    I have some stenosis, mild bulging and mild herniation of lumbar. Which of these exercises to do? Therapist told me no rounding of my back and no twisting. It has been a little difficult to modify workouts.

  19. Al Karim

    Can stenosis cause one side buttock pain when sitting and one of the calf cramp when walking?

  20. michael kemp

    Very clear video info and instruction.
    I have spondyloysis, damaged facet joints, stenosis, torn ligaments and two herniated discs in the lower lumbar area. Any suggestions for exercises?

  21. Troy Lee

    Hi been having trouble with my cervical area at the back of my shoulders around the sides of that bumpy part of the upper back keeps snapping, popping but no pain. The only time I have discomfort is when it gets tight and feels like a burning sensation. When I stretch it feels like a crackling sound like rice krispies. Could this be ligaments that are badly strained but stretching seems to calm it but I find it annoying and It does not inhibit my daily activities. Seems to take forever to get over this. I have bad posture as well and I think I need a new bed as well. I am working on my posture but it's hard and getting massage therapy too. I found a good way to help my posture while sitting is that my chair when I am sitting I used to sit way back into the back rest which puts upper body in bad posture but I took a 3 foot plank and put it across the the arms of the chair eliminating the slumped backward sitting position, Now when I sit the plank keeps my upper body upright and I find it pretty comfortable.

  22. zrobert66

    Thank you


    Skip to 5:15 to start na video

  24. sunshine0527

    Are these exercises good after having L5-S1 fusion?

  25. MANISH KUMAR travel lover

    I am looking for this exercise ..now u make thanku sir.


    🙏🙏🙏 🙏

  27. Chaitali Mukherjee

    Thanks a lot for these exercises. Please suggest something for sacroiliac joint pain.

  28. Victoria Dixon

    Excellent timing & thank you for explaining so well.

  29. Crypto Gamer

    Hottie 😛

  30. Ramya Padmanabhan

    I need this in my life as my lower back is paining Thanks Ramya

  31. Kanav Bhardwaj

    Awesome as Always!!!!


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