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  1. firexgodx980

    I don't trust reviewers that don't talk about theory. First of all, what's the rootcause of should pain. Second, which firmness level is best suited to solve that problem? Is memory foam inherently better than springs or other materials for shoulder pain? Y'all have to help us narrow down our search, and then talk about the best mattresses in the remain mattresses that meet all the right criterias. But no, y'all jumped straight to individual mattress, said they were all great, just so we'll click on y'alls referral links. I'm 2 minutes in and I'm done watching.

  2. Welney Huang

    I wish I could come to your guys spot and try all the beds there. I'm on my second mattress and it's still not quite right 🙁

  3. Kassandra Enger


  4. Tammy Mays

    I have neck and shoulder pain, but need something that is supportive for the back and hips too.

  5. Nick Najm

    Why do you assume everone watching is old? lol

  6. Nero P

    Very informative great review

  7. Ulyana Danylyshyn

    Great info, Very helpful!

  8. Courtney Jenison

    I work with a lot of pain patients, this is very helpful information!

  9. majnthr33

    Thank you for being so informative. You guys are helping me decide on my next mattress

  10. ARealMother

    I'm desperately trying to avoid Buyer's Remorse (4 mattresses in 2 years), and I could really use your help. I'm a 5'6",195 lbs. sidesleeper. My current mattress is too firm and has left me with SEVERE shoulder pain. I need support… I don't need bursitis. Help!

  11. Dean Smith


  12. Coleen Osmond

    Loving all of your videos, i think im learning lots and am off to watch the next video. Thank you for the amazing job your doing

  13. John Rauk

    My input for side sleepers – Do not buy a DreamCloud. .
    …Is it a nice quality mattress – yes, Is the company responsive and quick – Yes, Is it for side sleepers? – Not so much.

    We ordered a king size on Sunday and actually had the mattress delivered the following Wednesday, I was very impressed. Opened and "inflated" the mattress, and was welcomed by a very strong chemical small (still lingering after 2 weeks). Tried sleeping on it for 4 nights and couldn't do it anymore due to shoulder/neck pain. Called company, and they sent a foam topper to use until the bed broke in. It arrived, we tried it for 3 nights,, still dealing with shoulder pain. Removed it and tried once more to no avail. So we called the company and they sent us instructions on how to "donate" the mattress, and said we would be refunded fully once we sent in donation receipt…

    so Now I'm looking here to find a better solution. The video review was awesome, but I'm still undecided on which one to pull the trigger on. Guess after the last experience I'm a little gun shy. but thanks for the detailed review to help me start my new search.

  14. Christa Poisal

    Thanks for the info about neck pain.

  15. Jessica Bolin

    Very informative, thanks for taking the time to consult the chiropractor!

  16. Amanda Arnold

    Hi Slumber Yard! Love the video. I really need a mattress! I wake up frequently with back and neck pain! Please enter me into the mattress giveaway! ❤️👋🏼 Blessings

  17. Denisa

    Nolah is interesting, Airfoam?

  18. Alii Tea

    Do you have a petite woman trying these ? I weigh 100lbs and side sleep, with side and neck pain. so I feel like I need a super soft bed since I can’t press in with a lot of weight ?

  19. Ari Budiono

    How come the only mattresses are from online retailers…no considering ones from the well known brands?

  20. Estrella Chavez

    So information

  21. Ivy Peterson

    Thank you!

  22. Hollie W

    Why not include better quality like Brentwood homes ? Brooklyn bedding and nest? these are kinda cheap

  23. Justin Francom


  24. Ashley Sargent

    What's up

  25. Shorty Boy-boy

    Thank you for making this video. A leak on my current bed in my apartment has a new bed coming my way

  26. Tammy Marie

    I think I want a wink😉

  27. Cutler Bay

    So many options 😎

  28. Allison Yarbrough

    Another great video!! Thank yall!!

  29. Joshua Sepulveda

    Neck pain is something I struggle with. Thank you for the review!

  30. Justin Lawrence

    I wonder if shoulder pain is related to my arm falling asleep while sleeping?

  31. Ashish Sharma

    Thanks guys the video is very nice

  32. Shannice Arrechea

    Flippable mattresses like Layla is new to me. Glad you guys covered these different mattresses!👍🏽 I don’t like any type of firmness on mattresses like Wink Bed.

  33. Melanie Bledsoe

    Love u guys

  34. amy ferrero

    I am torn between the Helix and the Casper Wave. I have had previous neck surgery , but also suffer from Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis and need bilateral hip replacements. HELP! What mattress should I choose???

  35. Dylan Sharp

    Choose me 🙂

  36. Dylan Sharp

    Your channel is very informative:)

  37. Casey Case

    I had my heart set on a Purple 4 and am sad to see it didn't make this list. I have degenerative disc disease causing serious neck pain. I'm a hot sleeper but the Brooklyn one sounds almost too cold.

  38. David Guerriero

    Try to do a video of best for back pain and nerve pain. Its the biggest ailment in the US! Nice videos, thx

  39. Heath Carrell

    Nice beds

  40. Phillip Shull

    I wish bear made a hybrid.

  41. Phillip Shull

    I love That you add which sleep positions and body sizes (weights) are best for each bed.

  42. Jewle Heck

    "Softer mattress sleep on your side dont mind memory foam" college student . Its like you guys know me 😴😜 haah jk jk but still good quality ive been referencing back and forth to these videos and have been thinking about getting a used memory foam. I guess im wondering if thats a bad idea? Maybe I should though it out and save up?

  43. elmedico0928

    Hey Jeff. My wife and I side sleepers and are average weight I'd say (I'm 190 and shes 135). We just ordered a Leesa after laying on one at West Elm (We have a lot of back/neck pain from our firmer mattress). How do you think Leesa compares to like… Helix? We almost got the Helix Medium Soft but were afraid it would be too soft.

  44. Jewle Heck

    Love how you get experts opinion , very trustworthy reveiws, non bias, please never sell out… this is the type of content youtube needs

  45. skibenjamin

    I'm really confused because I sleep on my side and I sleep on my stomach. Firm? Soft? Hybrid seems to cover the bases but I'm lost. I'm just tired of tossing and turning from shoulder soreness.

  46. Nina Abdul

    Thanks again for your helpful reviews!! Brooklyn Aurora is the bed I've decided on!! I sleep hot and am a side and back sleeper!!😊

  47. D Doug

    You are doing a great job. However, could you please allow some women of different sizes and shapes to review some of the other mattresses, please and thank you?

  48. Raymond Pandez

    great video. ive quickly learned how physically taxing my particular career is and that finding the right bed is a must do!

  49. Valentin Botiz


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