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    Have you ever tried thm all at one time and if so what was the result and if not thn why not.

  2. zelen plav

    How are they processed? Heated? At what temperature?

  3. Redmond t

    what's the song that starts at 5:47

  4. JumpSpeed

    Let's see your dirty pillows, love.

  5. Dameron Haldy

    Awesome video, thanks for sharing!


  6. Retro Gamer

    it's called get herbs at chinese medicine store.

  7. Shanaya Malhotra

    Can u plz mention all ur super foods name hard to remember all

  8. Loren Heldebrandt

    I like your thinking

  9. Amber Blake

    Great video Rawvana!

  10. Juan Nation

    This is so sponsor bullspit

  11. Chris Powell

    Hi I’m ya mama!!!!

  12. Simo Boss

    Neuroactiv6- Top Brain & Energy Support Supplement

  13. Seth Robins

    Did you get sponsored by sunfood?

  14. Ace Spa

    After many video's I finally found what I was looking for. THANK YOU!

  15. Ramona S

    I followed her to the core when she was raw vegan. When she went vegan with cooked food I stopped following. So did she not do enough research regarding raw vegan to change her mind. She would rave that it was the best and how she would never go back nor need to ever eat cooked food. Whatever she has found she’s totally 110% for it and tries to convince the world to do it. Until she finds something else in a few yrs that she will convince u to do as well and that it’s better then her cooked vegan. She’s clearly not happy. Clearly not reliable, and not committed to one thing. She never took vitamins ever before she said we didn’t need it. Such a fake. Frustrating. She fluctuates with the wind

  16. Garfield Plaza

    FYI Mega Foods D3 shown in the video is not vegan. 😉

  17. 00W00

    This is cool and all to bad all those superfoods altogether would cost like $300

  18. Usman Amin

    Great VIdeo and info. thanks


    Fabulous video

  20. Its Izzy

    Cacao is amazing

  21. Marcelino Rangel

    Can you review Homegrown superfood organic powder please

  22. Bradley Hunt

    I never got on with Sun supplements… I ended up going for Exceed by Nutral. Strawberries and whipped cream is by far the best flavour. Check it out here https://nutral.co.uk/yt/exceed

  23. SoundEscape

    You are gorgeous. And vegan. Incredible

  24. Thomas Moore

    She has nice boobies

  25. koko _2381

    Ok chula tengo una pregunta y estoy muy confundida…unas personas disen que la maca te ayuda a bajar de peso y otras k a subir…..y ke ay rojo amarillo y negro…

    Pero mi pregunta es si yo kiero bajar de peso (grasa) y kiero tomar la maca pero tambien lo quiero porke disen que es muy bueno para aumnetar el musculo en las pompas y piernas…pero que para eso se usa la maca negra y hay no :/ estoy muy confundida
    Porfabor puedes ayudarme a saver cual maca tomar para bajar y ke me ayude con el musculo

  26. Amy San Miguel

    I really needed to this video! Please make some smoothies with your favorite superfoods!

  27. Ana Larson

    Here is a superfood most places in the wild even your lawn-pine tree tea, see how nutritious. There are many on youtube, I found this guy, The Outsider who had a nice video, it is soooo health and most folks have an arborvitae growing in their garden or white pine and all you need is a handful of needles for a cup of tea, use raw honey if you need. Keep sharing, love all the tips. Blessings. ps-this tea is not for pregnant ladies or not sure about nursing, but check it out. I guess it is best to just figure out the minimum you need and eat real food or you could go broke doing this along with gardening and composting.

  28. arletteross

    I'm so happy I found your channel. We are trying to move to super foods and we don't really know what we're doing so thank you! 💜❤️🦋🌻

  29. Linell Headd


  30. Linell Headd

    this was dope

  31. Linell Headd


  32. Ifunanya Loveline

    Plz which site do you Shop all this super food can you share the link plz? I will love to get them tnx !

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