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  1. Charles Chris

    I wish to catch up

  2. Charles Chris


  3. Mohammad Nasser

    Buddy this is called boiling the veg. Steam means when a steamed air touches the veg and from the heat the veg cooks out. Correct me if I'm wrong🤔

  4. Sohini Dhar

    Corn has a lot of fat in it how can u add corn in a diet veggies dish!!!!

  5. Global Services It Support

    Wow wow ND wow . . Healthy

  6. Suren Das

    Valuable information indeed.

  7. Wanglek Lowang

    Get a dictionary and find the meaning of steaming

  8. spirit king

    I literally started cooking today (after 7 years of microwave and take outs). From the other videos I saw they say brocolli should not go before the harder vegetables (which take more time to cook)… Misunderstanding on my part?

  9. rouss sensual

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  10. Leydi Duarth

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  11. II7V

    Does warm vegetables bad?

  12. Spencer Dodds

    That’s not steaming chef that’s called boiling. Why did you only use half the veg?

  13. Payon Rai

    can u guys tell me that what he put from packet?……? i also wanna make this,

  14. Salwa Manna

    How can you eat with out salt paper

  15. divya p. prajapati

    Sir, that's great I like the video but the thing is that all the vitamins are gone in the water I believe so.

  16. Analiza Robles

    CHEF Ricardo,
    How Amazing you are,
    Thanks for sharing for your awesome recipe, I already tried it, for being you, thanks to you again,,

  17. Kishan Jaiswal

    Can I fry little bit after steam this vegetable….or if I fry it will loss it's nutrition value??????plz reply

  18. Soul Power

    Thanks for this! I'm currently on day 8 of a 90 day steamed vegetable diet. I want to transform my eating habits forever and finally loose my emotional attachment to food. Check out my food diary.

  19. Sam Sam

    Love the colours.. I love food I love fitness BUT wish I had a personal Chef..

  20. Pablo Horteg

    I add some chopped fresh herbs, cracked pepper, and salt at the end. Maybe a splash of balsamic vinegar or olive oil also. The flavours go crazy.

  21. Shama Kashfi

    Can i add salt??

  22. LaTonya Wright

    Looks great!

  23. P S

    um thats boiling not steaming

  24. suman sir

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  26. Edgar Alla

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  27. Million-dollar Baby

    everything on that plate is GMOs and not good for you

  28. Linda Sid


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