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  1. umar ghafar


  2. Greg Dahlen

    From my experience, if a person wants to lose weight, they really have to accept being hungry and thirsty some of the time. I'm fairly slim (6 feet, two inches, 156 pounds). I discipline myself and really control how much I eat and drink. But because of it I often have a burning sensation in my body from hunger and thirst. But actually, the burning sensation is kind of pleasant because I associate it with being thin and healthier. And I can feel that despite the burning sensation, there is enough food in my stomach and to eat more actually would overfill my stomach. So I think there's nothing wrong with hunger pangs.

  3. Oneil Beckford

    Im eating a bag of chips while watching this

  4. Alexander Mark

    Nice Video,,,, 🙂

  5. Spaleyandsparta

    Atleast my body can hold my organs up

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    Wow! They are all so great! Bravo girls!

  14. Kimo Kiko

    good video
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  15. Join~My~$1000/Day~Mission

    Yesterday I wore something from 5 years ago and it actually fit. So proud of myself. It was a scarf, but still, let's be positive here.

  16. ayul ugboc

    If you wanna loss weight never rely on exercise alone because

    no matter how many hours you spend in the gym significant changes

    would not come, you know why because its the food and the calories

    of that food that you eat are stored in our body, a good example

    is a hamburger contain 500 calories compared to 300 calories that you burn

    in 1 hours treadmill session , so coming in is more than coming out

    the best way to loss weight is a combination of both diet and exercise

    but choose the most effective weight loss program, and also determination

    and motivation you need to be perseverance and diligence in order to succeed.


  17. Odi Tumenjargal

    1 like= 1 day of squats, curlups, plank, and leg lifts every day

  18. Diet N Eat

    Great Story!!

  19. Ross Lee

    Anyone tried red tea?? Apparently it’s better than green tea but I’m a bit sceptical 🤨

  20. Ashley Marty

    One like = 1 crunch, squat and a cup of water a day please help

  21. Amber Smith

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  22. Lukas Lukas

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  23. The faceless dude

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