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  1. Marion Good

    Thank you for this & all your posts!. At some stage, could u pls discuss how to regain motivation to keep weight loss off? I’ve lost the weight (again…), I’ve enjoyed the compliments but now I’m left “dangling”. I still want the crisps & white bread in enormous quantities. I’m still a glutton at heart. I never want to see celery or whole grain bread ever again! I’m definitely “white-knuckling” it & feel resigned to the fact that it’s only a matter of time before I put those 30kg’s back on. I still haven’t donated my “fat-girl” clothes & it’s been 2 years! It feels like a compulsion / craving phenomenon 😳

  2. Wendy

    Great to see you Dr.! Love your informative and helpful vlogs! Keto and Low Carb is the hottest buzz in weight loss right now. My question is, does this way of eating and "adapting" truly curb and control appetite as most claim? Would love your answer. Thank you again.

  3. ds525252

    Listening and following what you are saying 😁👍. Hey it did!! My visualization lingered, you got me. Great tip. I will try those types of calorie controlled foods you suggested. I know portion control has always been my problem.

    This is worth sharing, I’m not just wanting to comment for comment’s sake.

    I lost about 20lbs eating Jack in the Box salads for about 6-8 weeks? (Long time ago so I can’t recall) not for every meal but about 2 of 3 meals if not all 3 at times. I decided to save money and do the same from scratch, buying the ingredients from the store. I gained about 30lbs? back faster than I lost it. I figured out something so obvious…The portion control was 1 packet from Jack in the Box and maybe triple that or more without the portion control. Portion control was also working away from my home and in a hotel with no fridge. In the hotel I stayed on the plan because it’s my pattern to overeat but not my pattern to go out of my way to stop a craving, I realized if it’s not there close and in the house I won’t go out to get it, so if I stay strong just during the shopping I can keep poor choices out of my fridge and only have to work on the portions not the portions and bad foods. Thanks for this channel Doc. 56 yr old male and type 2 Diabetes using humulin R U500 30-40 Units 3X day pancreatitis but no issues in 5yrs. Male.

  4. Joshua Perry

    Diet of the mind, if you will. Take fruit out of the hospital, it's not mich better than soda.

  5. Carmen Neg

    You was asking what motivates you: Well what keeps me going is just being able to look again in the mirror and not seeing the image that I see right now which I really do not like what I see … I was a size 6 or 8 now I’m a size 12 or 13 which I know maybe for some people that’s not bad but for me it’s a big deal I’ve never been this big not even when I was pregnant of my two children …This weight has brought a lot of health problems to my life I am guessing because I’ve never weighed this much it bothers my legs so they get swollen so does my ankles and my knees … So that motivates me to keep going so I can lose the weight and not have that second slice of pizza which everyone knows I love so much … I have already lost 8 pounds which I was very happy when the doctor told me … I know by the end of this year God willing I will lose all this weight that I have gained 🙏🏼

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