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  1. Angel Harriman

    She's OK they took blood test said it doesn't look like its from the dog food we won't be buying that anymore ,thank you from bottom of my heart for carrying for animals the way you do there not just pets there our fur babies hugs my dear friend ❤

  2. Lisa Douglas

    I’ve used Royal Canin for years per my vet recommendation. I order from Chewy.com. Great service!

  3. Marion Tia

    Not plugging for Chewy, but they have great products, yummy, healthy, they list ingredients, sourced & made origin, & comes to ur door in a flash(oh, free ship).

  4. Marion Tia

    Pay the extra & buy better. Dogs have short life, give them the best.❤❤❤❤

  5. Marion Tia

    Pls know R.Ray company sold several yrs ago, although she is still spokesperson for company. Know the R.Ray food(all)is sourced & made in Thailand. It's a MUST to check on where food is sourced & made!

  6. K Jgg

    That's terrible.glad you got the other food.

  7. judy archer

    LOVED the green saddle bag❤

  8. judy archer

    Thnx for info gurrll..

  9. laura sanderson

    I will be googling grain free Dog food & looking for something from FDA. Thanks so much 👍💕. My two big Dogs are currently eating Beniful grain free cuz I thought it was good for them 😢. Thanks sooo much

  10. NatashaTashaTash

    Took my dogs off of grain free over a year ago when the FDA started investigating. I’m annoyed that my vet never mentioned this to me (I saw it on a blog) so I switched vets too. One of my dogs is a lab, and labs are one of the dogs known to get this condition from grain-free dogs.

  11. SuperSunshineable

    We lost our two Maltese to heart failure at 11 years old. We feed them grain free blue buffalo😰Glad you’re spreading the word.

  12. christinkeka1

    Thank you KIm ! My cockapoo has the same problem. Just started taking her to the vet for the same systems. She is also on meds. Could you please tell me what your puppy is taking? Mine is a little better but thank God you told me about the food! I've been giving mine grain feed for a year! Thank you so much! God bless you

  13. Jody Adle

    It was so awesome seeing all the cute animals in the video. The black kitties reminded me of my Sable. Cute purses. 😊💖

  14. Cheryl R

    My vet told me about that article. My dogs we’re eating Rachel Rays also. I switched their food the same day. I have a Rottie and a German Shepard that eat a lot, so Royal Canin is a bit pricey so I’m feeding them Purina One which my vet said is a good brand. Glad your fur baby is feeling better. Love from SC💕

  15. Annie

    We took all five of our dogs off grain-free. One of ours died of a heart ailment after a day of fireworks that brought on stress. Glad your pup feels better.

  16. Janet Holmes

    Kim, you should go to the recalls.gov that site lists everything that has been recalled. Nutro is also a great dog food, that is what I feed my little baby, and he does great with it 🙂

  17. Tina Pratt

    The Royal Canin food is really good. I buy the Pug and the French Bulldog bags for my babies. My pug used to be picky with her dry food, but she loves this brand.

  18. Angel Harriman

    Kimmy ,omg!!my pixie has been eating this and last few days has been throwing up and just not feeling good sweet lord I'm gonna call the vet love and hugs thank you for this info

  19. turtlegurl06

    Thank you for sharing this…so many don't know about those foods thinking they are doing good by their pets. Sad.

  20. Kathy Grins

    WOW. So glad you found that info! I had a similar experience with a cat food years ago. It almost destroyed my baby’s kidneys! You are a great Mom!

  21. Donna Shelley

    Will watch your sale today, and wanted to wish you great success!!!! God Bless!!!!

  22. Donna Shelley

    Loved this video so so so so much! The birds were so pretty! Enjoy swimming later today!
    You deserve some relaxation !! You are very much appreciated!!!!

  23. AZ Shopping Princess FAM

    Happy to hear your fur baby is feeling better😘

  24. cadetkellie69

    What brand were the western handbags Please

  25. Christina 🖊📖

    Those kitties are so cute. Thinking about getting a cat. But not right now. We’ve been too busy. Maybe when my mom retires next year or the year after.

  26. Donna Shelley

    Kim, you amaze me how you keep trucking on no matter the situation!!!!! Be very proud
    of yourself!!!! You are truly amazing, so much energy!!!!!! You have so much love
    for your fur babies, your family and friends! A heart of gold!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Crystal

    My vet also recommends royal canine for my ella but she is so picky I can hardly get her to eat dry food

  28. Christina 🖊📖

    My dog had a heart condition. I forget what it was called. He would cough and wheeze. Little guy was so tough. He was born to a mom that was homeless and we found him when he was I think barely two months old. Thankfully he ended up having a full life and lived to be 15-16 years old. The last few years were rough for him. Hd wasn’t in the best of health. But I am so grateful we got as long as we did with him.

  29. Barbara Noble

    I'm so glad your Sadie is better

  30. Donna Shelley

    Loved getting to see the kittens, can’t have one, asthma! It is so hard being a hard core animal
    lover and not being able to own a pet!!!!! Tried but did not work out!!!! Was heartbreaking!

  31. Donna Shelley

    You are the best puppy Mommy ever!!!!!!!! Loved seeing Sadie playing again , so happy
    for you all! I cried buckets! I adore small dogs but can’t have one, asthma!

  32. Deshanna Kirkland

    My sister's dog now has seizures due to feeding her over the years Reacheal Raes dog food. Her fur baby is a boxer.

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