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  1. Mind Rewind

    Sir thank you for your videos..
    But I am still waiting for your video on A1 and A2 casein milk protien. Is Indicine(desi) cow milk is really beneficial then others?

  2. Arindam Ghosh

    Hi, sir share a video on probiotics and digestive enzymes. Will it help in digestion issues like bloating??

  3. Shiraz Ahmed

    Akshay sir Instagram check ker lain Maine knee prob ki pic bheji hai live main apnay kaha tha check kerta hoon please sir

  4. Yehya Mougharbel

    Roses are red
    violets are blue
    the title is in english
    why aren't you

  5. Everything pro

    Sir, what are your views on The game changers documentary on Netflix

  6. Digvijay Rana

    is high fructose(fruits) sugar is safe?(upto 100gms)

  7. dipankar mondal

    Sir ji give information about soya protein…

  8. Shreyas Govalkar

    can you tell me how much whey protein isolate is made out of 1 litre of milk????

  9. Tarannum Jahan

    Weightloss k liye suppliment btaiye mje thyroid bhi h daily workout krti hu

  10. rajan kalra

    Bro Gaurav from fit muscle TV saying BCAA works..it helps in intra workout for strength…and ECAA is purest form of protein…

  11. Hamza Ramay

    Sir ap kehtey hy weight loss ki koi exercise nhi hoti na koi drink tu hum weight loss kesey krey main ne ap ki 3 se 4 video dekhi muger ap ne weight loss krney ka triqa nhi btaya please tell me

  12. Rohit Singla

    Hi, Bro Can you please guide me about my query about Eggs. Are eggs available at roadside safe are equipped with 5 g protein or Farms selling organic or better eggs with dard yellow yolk. Does these eggs have different protein and other vitamin and minerals.

  13. Vikas Kumar

    Happy diwali sir🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  14. Dabeezraja

    Sir myodrol par video banaye

  15. Ankush DL

    Sir, Happy Diwali…. please make extensive info video on benefits of Omega3 and fish oils … thank you

  16. Rampati Rajbhar

    Please Make video on APTilt

  17. Jatin Sharma

    Is this true sir??🙄

  18. Ankur Singh

    Sir, what r sarms, is it safe to take, bit knowledge is needed

  19. Sunny Laskar

    Thank you sir for help us

  20. Anjali Rathod

    Sir can we take EAA's in suppliment form….? Like uh always said NO to Bcaa thts why m asking..plz suggest

  21. dishant bohra

    Sir if we dont workout and cosume whey protein according to weight then will it be harmful or beneficial for body.

  22. Mukeshnikam2007

    Your information is really appreciable , I am still waiting for more info on raw whey , and comparison of casein with whey in terms of muscle anabolism with respect to time . Thank you

  23. vikram jaglan

    Hi sir, I've ditched caffeine and bcaa but I like to have few sips of a flavoured drink during workout, so is it OK if I take multivitamins drink during workout?

  24. sachin kumar

    Hi Sir,
    Can you please make a video on EAA

  25. Laddi bhullar

    Bro therapy hijama j bkwas hai ja fyda hota hai es se

  26. Vikas Kumar

    Sir do u think EAA supplements can replace whey protein someday because it's very pure but very expensive

  27. Sunny Chawla

    Ur thoughts on gaurav taneja's take on EAAs powerful than whey protein.


  28. sridevi guttam

    Sir can I buy eliptical cycle

  29. Kishor Karki

    Great information. Special request to you SIR from Bhutan, please make video on testosterone booster.

  30. Abhijeet Bhatt

    can EAA replace whey protein???

  31. Shubham Dixit

    And one more thing sir waiting for your video on spirulina as it is also hyped too much nowadays so i just want to know is it a super product too??

  32. Shubham Dixit

    Sir whats your take on EAA about which gaurav taneja just posted a video.. is it actually a super supplement better than whey keeping aside the price as its too costly??

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