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  1. anna harrington

    I have this

  2. Nate Strasburg

    I am in intense pain from an l5 facet joint injury. Been dealing with this for 6 months now. I am only 32. I have had trigger point injections amd physical therapy. When I do the physical therapy exercises, the following day the pain is unbearable. I am at my wit's end. Its hard to live with this right now.

  3. Zach W.

    Can grade 1 L5 Spondylolisthesis lead to Facet Joint Pain? My pain has become very centralized around my injured area and feels like a deep soreness/ache. Considering facet injection along with my continued PT which I've been doing on and off for 2 years but not improving much… thoughts? Trying to avoid surgery.

    In the case of isthmic spondylolisthesis, which surfaced several years ago when I was 21, now 24, does most of the pain typically come from the fracture itself, the facet joints, or spinal stenosis?

  4. Levi Nestegard

    Lil late but grats on a million subscribers guys! Love your stuff!

  5. grams

    Had nerve block and steroid I injection. Nothing worked.
    Now my dr says may be faucet joint disease.
    But my prob is sitting. Walking standing is good

  6. Xbox One X Guy

    I'm 38 and have ficet issues in thoracic spine and kyphosis

  7. Bills Paintings

    I have Facet Joint Syndrome. But it's not from Arthritis my joints a worn out. There is no cushioning of any kind left in my facet joints.
    I've had x-rays, MRIs, you name it. Every doctor that reviewed my information always asked me "What the heck do you or did you do for a living?"

    I told them construction work, you know drywall, plaster. paint, conrect, climb ladders ect, ect.

    Then they ask how long I've been doing it because I was olny in my early 50s at the time. I told them, well not counting when I was a kid helping my father paint
    houses I started when I was 14 (my first real paying job). Their reply "Your body is worn out". There isn't much I can do. You just need to learn to live with it. Some doctors don't understand what it's like felling like you've been hit with a baseball bat in the lower back, thighs, calves and the bottom of your feet. Not including the tingling burning pain. Sorry I went on a little rant. But sometimes when I see videos etc. about back pain. I just need to say something. Because it's not always arthritis.

  8. Rachel A

    I am 22 and was just diagnosed with multilevel facet arthropathy, a herniated disc and multiple bulging discs. At 15, I was diagnosed with 2 bulging discs which were the only problems found at the time. I’ve lead a pretty much sedentary life since then, with no other injuries, and still have developed these problems. To make it worse, I have an extremely rare bleeding disorder, so no anti-inflammatories for me, and no type of injections since my body not only reacts with bleeding, but also extreme swelling and scar tissue build up to any type of trauma. I am on narcotic pain medication daily, just to help me get out of bed (also dealing with neuropathy and migraines). I have great sympathy for anyone dealing with this at my age, knowing that by the time we should be having these problems, things are likely to be much worse.

  9. Josh Kreydatus

    Interesting, mine is triggered by trunk flexion or folding forward, never with hyper extension

  10. Aga Lemieszewska

    Bob and Brad, your intro song is the best! 🙂

  11. basheer kazi

    Sir I have facet joint problem + with l5s1 l4l5 herniated disc problem so which exercise is better for me
    Please please please please tell me or make a video

  12. Vinny Morreale

    If you have this and severe bilateral, yes it hurts really bad

  13. Roberto Cosenza

    I can't believe this – I've had pain like this for years and my old PT seemed not to have a clue. It took 5 mins to my new one to give me the facet joints diagnosis and it matches 100% what these guys are saying!

  14. Raul Rodrigues


  15. David Perrier

    I hurt my back in the Army 16 years ago. Two herniated discs, leg pain etc. But the back pain was the worst. They just figured out that the back pain is caused by the Facet Joints and not the discs.

  16. Kevin Clark

    horid it is i suffer from this since i was 12 had few opps no help still suffer now daily Spondylosis spine not good

  17. Ayush Kumar

    Hey! Sir, I think I might be suffering from this. All the symptoms match. And, my orthopedician says that too. So my doubt is, does it usually take like 9 or 10 months to go away? Also, my MRI showed edema at the L5 S1 facet, what would that mean?

  18. Deepak Sharma

    I have LBA and right lower readiating pain. My MRl shows L4L5 facet joint disease.Sterss Xray shows grade1listhesis at l4l5 level.i get radiate pain frm hip to ankel some time pain is worst. As shown in the vedio i have bent right side and i can't walk stright pls help me.

  19. Toreshammere Celt

    These guys are not orthopedic surgeons and they are not neurologists. You need to talk to these pros first.

  20. Auntie Lulu P.

    Sitting in a straight back chair, standing too long. Shopping cart syndrome, lol, so true! Pain goes away if I lay down. The past 5 years since diagnosis I've spent a lot of time on my bed. Went through all the treatments but drew the line at ablation. I could get by with a Tylenol #3 a day but due to the abuse of opioids I can no longer get a pain pill. Chiropractic care did the best.

  21. Austin Haskins

    Guess what? It can happen in a twenty year old. I got my symptoms starting when I was 20. I'm 23 now, and after years of constant fucking pain they're FINALLY treating my facet joint inflammation. I'm glad I got treated like a drug addict for years before they figured this out… /sarcasm

  22. CoachAprile

    my X-ray says facet hypertrophy.
    my pain: process of standing
    up, sitting down(very painful) ,twisting left/right.
    my relief: walking/standing. rotating my hips, laying flat on back.
    When the spasm hits the pain is a 10. Sometimes I feel the pain radiate to my stomach/front ribs. Hard to breathe, hard to move, hurts to sneeze.

    I've never had back pain in my life. It started slow over the last month. and then the last two weeks intense pain

  23. Jacinto Tijerina

    This is so true with my symptoms

  24. Ronnie

    these guys are great,   they explain what the problem may be,  but with humor,  which is what we need when pain hits.   they are not condescending like some doctors are.   fun to watch.

  25. Alex Lopez

    Okay I had back pain for the past 2 weeks and I’m trying to figure out what type of back pain it is . When I touch my toes my backs doesn’t hurt but when u Bend back it hurts ? What should I do to help fix this?

  26. Loraine Spencer

    The symptoms sound like the opposite of a herniated disc/sciatica.

  27. RassBrass

    I have had lower back symptoms for 5 years. I have already seen my doctor, two physical therapists, a chiropractor, a sports médecine doctor, a neurologist and 2 orthopedic surgeons. Add to that 6 X-rays. 2 MRI’s and tons of lab tests. Nobody seems to know what’s causing my pain which is still manageable but getting worse and worse . Until recently, I saw another doctor and he suspects facet Joints arthritis. The first time somebody put a name to my symptoms. I’m schedule for a left sided lumbar medial branch block injections next week, to confirm the diagnosis. Honestly, im so annoyed by these symptoms and tired of the unknown I am hoping this is what I have.

  28. Jean Petisce-Lynch

    What is better to help with facet joints, ice or heat, or both? Your videos are the best!

  29. Alysha Mitchell

    How do I get my doctor to take me seriously as a 24 yr old with this (bertolotti's syndrome and mild levoscoliosis)? I feel like I just keep getting shoved with pills that don't treat anything bc of my age and the stereotype that there's no way someone my age has these issues. I'm frustrated

  30. Buddy Flankwood

    some good mics would really help…

  31. Fabtp76

    How to know the difference between facet joint and stenosis?? The pain is very similar and it is in the same area by watching the videos I couldn’t understand the difference

  32. selfbow hunter.

    44 yo here and it is killing me today.

  33. Missy B

    I'm 26 and been diagnosed with this! It's agony 😢

  34. fieryeyes xoxo

    im suffering from lower back pain..once i lay my back flat on the floor, my lower back hurts and i cannot stand up..i need to roll on my side and rest for a few minutes before i can stand

  35. Veronica Herrera

    i have severe pain in those joints and the muscles there. WHAT is my solution!!!! TEN YEARS NOW> CHRONIC PAIN

  36. Abhilash Babu

    This makes sense more than a Chairo ! Thanks so much for your time !

  37. fireloko99

    I'm 23 years old and have this with DDD and some pinched nerves that run down both my legs. Thanks Uncle Sam.

  38. DeathIsLight

    Can you do a video for cervical facet syndrome, with exercises and stretches?

  39. Tori mahel

    Can it be facet joint athrosis Than facet joint arthritis

  40. Crafty Crafts

    I am scheduled next month by a pain management dr to have numbing injection on my facet joints l4 l5 s1 , I am nervous though ! Any advice would be appreciated thanks

  41. kotsaris87

    Love how the sceleton on the right looks like its about to giggle

  42. Dessert Storm

    i've had these symptoms since my early 20s and it's got progressively worse. The pain does not radiate down the legs. Flexion gives relief etc. Is it more likely to be something else because of the age when I started getting it? Or is facet joint pain the only explanation?

  43. M C

    I was suffering from low back spasms, had an MRI and was diagnosed with this. PT really has not helped. I'm in my early 40s which Chiro's say is young to suffer from this. I also have some spinal curvature. Mornings have become the worst. Trying to get mobile and detangled from stiffness can take up to 1 to 2 hours. Now I have to do stretches all throughout the day. Any recommendations for treatments, nutrition, meds, supplements?

  44. Jon Roberts

    s sometimes a slouching sitting position feels better relieve pressure

  45. Jon Roberts

    sitting to long I feel slight tingling throbbing sensation throughout the whole entire tailbone

  46. Jon Roberts

    nor can I pick up anything heavy I can't even carry cinder block.one in each hand. without having pain burning stinging sensation in my shoulder blades can only carry one at a time no heavy weight washers dryers dresser drawers

  47. Jon Roberts

    this , is exactly what I feel on a 24 hour day-to-day basis for the last 10 years since I came back from Iraq I switch back and forth from sitting and standing I just can't sit on hard Services bench for metal chairs has has a lot of cushion can lean forward it does feel better but not for long lean forward hurts to stand straight back up after leaning forward for a long time then I do have a pinching or stinging feel like being poked with a needle in my lower tailbone region

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