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  1. Lee Hill

    Have you ever thought about CC in Spanish? I know some people that would truly benefit from your videos!! Also is the Back Fix Program available in Spanish?

  2. Susana Reid

    😞 constantly with hamstring pain, no matter how much I stretch, they are always tight! …

  3. Albru2

    Another interesting, funny, and highly informative video. You guys are the best! I'd really love to see you do one on optimal tv watching physiology.. They used to talk about killing your TV but it never used to be this educational. What about killing my couch – should I?? What should I be striving for when it comes to sitting for long periods of time?

  4. Kirsty Macfarlane

    Great video. I've been practicing yoga for 7 years now and I've just enrolled in my yoga teacher training! I'm disabled with a spine that lost the genetic lottery but that's not going to stop me. If I can do for one person what yoga has done for me, then I'll be very grateful. I found in classes when it was more hip and leg focused my back pain was definitely much better. We still did some spine work though. She always had a good balance of stretch, movement and strengthening postures. It helped that my teacher was a retired physio and she was an amazing person, she moved and I miss her so much. Now I do home practices, the picture you showed wasn't cobra but upward dog. In cobra the thighs and pelvis should be touching the ground but in up dog they don't! Sorry to be pernickety, thanks for your videos. I love to learn of new ways to help my pain and sometimes it's moving your leg a bit to the right that makes the difference!

  5. Shannon McKenzie

    Very helpful video!! I have seen countless PT’s trying to solve my back, hip and glute pain. So many of them have started with stretching (cobra pose being one) and it never seems to help. I think strengthening is what I need most with a few proper stretches. My question is, which of your programs would you recommend for slight lordosis, SI joint pain and hip/glute pain?

  6. T Hicks

    I just recently lost almost all of my lower back pain after 27 years of having spasms. It was mostly the stretching of the hamstrings that loosened my lower back and relaxed those muscles next to the spine. I am in less pain now than I have been in a long time. Blood pressure is normalizing. goodbye 3 blood pressure pills.

  7. BeyondTheBop

    2:23 if you do any exercise incorrectly it can make you feel worse – I’ve realised this because I didn’t have a "feeling" for my body.

    5:00 lmao

  8. Juanita Val

    Mr. please on this time when the people are so angry do not show your real tool to showed how you can take the pain, hide the drill , I appreciate I was thinking to the children that watch your video , what you can cause.

  9. Ginger Badjie

    WOW! I follow a LOT of PT's Yoga teachers etc on YT as i have "severe" lumbar scoliosis and other associated spine diseases as it has been left untreated for so long. I also have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which means i am hyper mobile and hence one of the reasons why my spine fell to bits. You are the 1st person i have heard talk about NOT stretching in certain cases. I have to maintain movement and do swim, walk/ Epilitical and yoga on a basic level ( no hyper extension for me). But if someone had actually MRI'd me 20 years ago and taught me how to protect my spine properly i wouldn't now be having major surgery in 4 weeks. I will be working my way through your videos once i am allowed to do more than walk post op. Big thanks from England xox

  10. Brandi Marino

    LOVE this!

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