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  1. athena emmanouilidis

    Doctors know absolutely nothing

  2. Nein01

    7:22 the biggest tragedy of all: capitalism

  3. Vickie Reynolds

    Never heard anyone say anything about God

  4. Aadil Williamson


  5. Relaxing Nature

    It took 20 years for her to heal to this level ..wow

  6. Maria Andrews

    whenever she started singing Happy Birthday to her dad, once he started to tear up, i lost it 🙁 not even 10min into the video and i’m already bawling

  7. tweezerjam34

    The human brain is astonishing!

  8. Diana Robles

    r.i.p. Sarah.

  9. piesand cakes

    All praise be to God..much love Amen 💕😇

  10. trashy10

    Dr. "WB Sarah!"
    Sarah "whats the world like now?"
    Dr. "people carry around phones that are mini super computers"
    Sarah "OMG so every must be so smart"
    Dr. "uh they mostly use them to take pictures of food and send dickpicts to each other"
    Sarah "oh?….that's weird…… so what about comedy? Like Bill Cosby or the Olympics like Bruce Jenner? did Donald Trump ever change his hair cut?"

  11. Kathy W

    True miracle! However I think the reason that we don't see more cases of this is because the medical personnel push the family very hard to pull the plug. I'm glad this family fought it and did what they did.

  12. Jayhawker340

    Her parents are truly incredible people!! God bless them!

  13. Barbara Adler

    Karen Ann Quinlan..was in a coma also for 20 years

  14. Grizzly Echols

    girls hanging out at bars often leads to bad things.

  15. Grizzly Echols

    She says the Sarah today is the Sarah of 20 years ago?!! uh, I don't think so.

  16. LangeLS Sing Praise

    Praying that Sarah keeps improving and will one day walk and do everything she wants to be able to do that's necessary for living.

  17. Dank Tank Drag Kings

    This was just an interesting story. Then you said Wichita. I had no idea she was local to me. Now I must meet her. I have advanced retrograde amnesia and serious brain damage. We should talk.


    Did the greet her by saying "Welcome to shit world!" and explaining the horrific decline in things since 1984? If not, they should be prosecuted.

  19. Akasha

    why ? what for ?

  20. Ronnie Hall

    Forgive my pettiness but; that hospital bill has to be 😳

  21. Larry Putra

    Did she actually die or just gone into hibernation like any other animals ?

  22. Larry Putra

    Say wut

  23. BagladyNH

    Very interesting, but your music is way to loud

  24. Eva Mercedesz Henger

    She woke up but honestly, in such terrible condition poor soul. 😭💔❤️

  25. HughJass

    she stopped being a best friend long ago. they've been sisters ever since. incredible.

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