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  1. LukeNarwhal

    🦄 Become a VIP Narwhal here: https://mailchi.mp/51fd05c1b8bb/vipnarwhals

  2. Debi Freeman

    I love being a narwhal!!!

  3. Twinkie

    Nothing about people being nicer is true. People are nasty when you lose weight, too. The posts about the mental elements are 100% true. The only thing that is true is guys are hornier- and it is just icky when you get old and want to fade into the woodwork.

  4. optimus prime

    I am watching this in 2x speed but it is still slow

  5. Rei Numb

    The hardest part of being overweight is you mentally think everyone hates you for being in that shape. I used to be overweight, had lose roughly 20 lbs now. When I was overweight, people made fun of me a lot, called me names, teased me for what I eat. It was horrible to the point I became a shut in, I didn't go out, didn't take any picture for years because I was so ashamed of how I look. Now that I'm no longer "fat" I still can't feel happy about myself and the feeling of people talking behind my back still exist.

  6. Gail-Ann Ramsey

    Tip: Eat raw veggies with Salsa. Salsa is actually pretty healthy for you! (Get it with no added sugar)

  7. Jamie Graham

    Hi Luke just wanna say I love the community of Narwhals you've created here, it's like a 'lil family and it's so cozy in here! And I love how you read yourself instead of a robot voice. Also can't wait to buy your merch. Much love. <3

  8. Lull Armstrong

    Currently at the gym 🤙

  9. Emily Sappé

    nick gurh

  10. MrVeronikkk

    Regarding 5:30, I'm not sure about the fact that losing weight makes the people around you become more loving… The more you're close to the normal BMI the more you avoid the stigma, but when you start a journey to better yourself the ones around you perceive your new attitude/motivation, and consequently change their ways too. If you choose to work on yourself in any way, your effort will be noticed (just from you firstly) and things will get better at their own pace😊

  11. Adam Goldbach

    Hate that you used Rebel Wilson for the thumbnail. She’s adorable. 😉

  12. Kara Gordon

    3:45 I wish I could staple this whole post to amberlynn reids forehead

  13. Jeon Wonhoe

    I used to be obese, literally obese, now i have a restrictive eating disorder, long story short, i dont know how to fucking eat.

  14. Luis Martinez

    I’m not the first
    I’m not the last
    I just happened
    To click very fast

  15. Jesse the Smartass

    Oh I like the narwhal shirts

  16. RareSpeciman

    I can't touch my toes 🙁

  17. Epetra

    Yay I'm vip!!

  18. Katie Frank

    Finding clothes.
    At my heaviest I weighed 242 lbs. I should mention that I'm from the US but live in Argentina. Here the women are, in general, much slimmer and smaller than what women are in the US. Like, I'm 5'3" and people say that I'm tall. Finding clothes that fit me was hell, and if they did, they were always old lady clothes, nothing stylish or cute or modern. Now I'm at 154 lbs and still losing. I went from a size 8 shirt to a size 2, and can shop at most stores.

  19. Myssia

    Hardest daily activity for being morbidly obese?

    Staying alive because being 300 pounds saddles you with crippling social anxiety from fear of being judged from every little thing and a deep seeded depression from years of bullying and isolation and self-hatred.

  20. Sarah Ichi

    3:46 <— THIS

  21. komorebi

    obese people are judged too easily, so thank u for making these videos c: it really helps realizing the topic and stops prejudicing

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