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  1. Το ζαρκάδι της Κω

    Peppermint, dude, that mug is transphobic. Honey looks fishier than ya…


    The drag queens get their style from women in the 80s watch Dynasty…this was a good time too because the women read yuh with so much class back then you got whip lashed… my time so when I read people they are left confused…but this also tells my age lol

  3. Henki

    The host was very respectful and had great questions. She did an excellent job

  4. Fluccich A

    Is the audio out of sync for other people too ?

  5. YazmeenTheDream

    I wish they will accept that the art of highlight and contour came from us the trans/queens , it’s stage makeup to play up for the back of the room in a dim lit space … now lol 😂 it’s daytime and normal to be in high face makeup

  6. Yes Betty

    So Is the future of what god planned for the man and woman ok sure

  7. Pray, Plan, Progress!

    I appreciated that Peppermint acknowledged that the iconic ways/speech of drag community is rooted in the Black mommas and aunties from which they came. I respect how this subject was presented without "tokenism" but yet acknowledged it. 👏👏👏👏👏

  8. Mz Yanni

    Some of these comments are so homophobic/transphobic … And redundant af… DRAG IS A JOB NOT A GENDER… DRAG IS AN EXPRESSION…. NOT A SEXUALITY… anyone can do drag WHAT AND HOW U WERE BORN HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING… GET OVER IT…

  9. Scorpia of Rose

    They look better than the host. They're more glam. Ladies how do we let drag queens look better than real women? Step it up!

  10. Jocoby Junious

    I really enjoy this show & particularly this episode. I learned so much from these two women. Keep it coming.

  11. Anthony Natividad

    Peppermint: “not to cut you off”

    Completely cuts her off


  12. San Hobi

    Hell they look better than us actual women😅

  13. Olive Honey

    She said, "You WHAAAAAAAATTTT?!" Lol Classic! Too funny

  14. sequoia armstrong

    Such a great conversation. As a black cis woman who really enjoys drag I’m so glad to see Honey and Peppermint on this platform ❤️

  15. Joachim Lothrik

    That thumbnail! XD 90s/season one lighting and filters! XD love it!

  16. Joachim Lothrik

    I think you just hate yourselves. I do not get it.

  17. simone k

    Peppermint is everything

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