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  1. bmu7979

    Can berberine or ceylon cinnamon help boost sugar metabolism?

  2. Capsman45

    Dr. Berg, you should add a disclaimer here. Also show us where you get the 9 times factor. All the people who praise you need to know the truth. Keto does not work for everyone. In fact it could kill you. The diet made me really sick and I know I did it right. Except for my cholesterol going thru the roof, and dizzy spells, and bowl problems, and insomnia, and muscle loss, and lack of energy, It's a great diet for losing weight, which I did, and correcting A1c levels, which I did, By the way, I do thank you for your inspirations and teachings, and I just wanted to shout out that there are no cure all remedies when it comes to the human bodily functions. Keto diet is hard to do and people should know the pros and cons. Peace. Thank you.

  3. 1DNETTA

    In Progress…🕛☺
    You're a genius Dr. Berg.💯

  4. kennelexplicit

    So funny when the marker hardly works.. 😅

  5. linda scheman

    Hi Dr Berg, I have been doing fasting everyday since early Dec 2018 and added Keto a few week later. I sometimes still get hungry. I have been in Ketosis but get knocked out easily. Please help.

  6. earthling soup

    Keto diet WORKS, I have lost 24lbs since july 12 2019. Thanks Dr. Berg for all the great info!

  7. Anointed Blue

    Remember Guys Carbs aren't the enemy or the bad guy, is only Bad garbage mass produced Foods out there that Comercial Food is trying to feed us. The best way to combat this arming yourself with Nutrition Knowledge and Eating real whole foods while applying Keto and Intermittent fasting to prevent Insulin resistance and healthy weightloss as a by product. 😎👍 oh almost forgot thanks again Dr.Berg for helping us all.

  8. Lilly Pod

    3 days…lol. Took me 3 months !  I grew up on a high carb diet (in Germany, not all of europe eats healthy) and I probably suffered from IR since puberty. What my life, bones, teeth and overall feeling of happiness could've been, had I have had the proper nutrition. Today, I am still suffering bone issues that my mother started without my consent.

  9. Susan O'Brien

    One question, Dr.Berg: I crave eating but I am never hungry. I follow keto, have done for 10 months but I still want to eat, not bad things, good keto things but I just want to eat and find it hard to stop. Why do you think this is? I feel like I'm bored and eating makes me feel I have something to do. I can't chew gum as it's not good for my teeth and jaw. I suck on sugar-free boiled candy but it still has some (upto 3g) carbs. Any advice (apart from "you're an idiot, just stop" (I know this already!) would be great.

  10. Vale loves Jesus

    Hands down .. You helped my life Dr.Berg
    I’ve been fasting since December and my life has changed and my body as well .. Intermittent fasting is life changing
    OMAD is literally the best thing I feel better than ever .

  11. A TERRI

    I would love to see a video of you explaining stretch marks please

  12. Ellen Evenson

    What an you do if the MCT causes a lot of stomach distress

  13. Jeffrey williams

    Amazing 😉

  14. sugadaddy drizzy

    this is everything 😩🙌🏽

  15. will2dmax

    It's a drag to have your marker poop out in the middle of something LOL,

  16. Marcia DeVost

    What is MCT oil?

  17. Silver Mont

    You should Also suggest to people to exercise or walk at least 30 min daily , some ppl think that just doing what you are saying on here will do for them !! Consistently reminding them the importance of body exercises of whatever form of it , will help as much as their new diet – say it in every Clíp … I’m glad I take my own initiative for exercises- check Barbara O’Neill YouTube clips ppl ! Since I discovered her on here I’ve changed a lot of my diet . And you know what that is ? Cut off all form of sugar and bread and coffee/ do green wraps instead !

  18. N L

    This was your best video 😛

  19. Linh VB

    Thank you Dr Berg!!! I have lost 12kg in 10 weeks by doing what you say in your videos. Another 6kg to go and i can’t wait to see my parents in Christmas this year and give them a big surprise 🤩

  20. Sujata Chadha

    Precious knowledge👍 Most importantly, your repetition of concepts, building on what you teach, helps build our knowledge. So, what seemed so foreign… now makes logical sense. My mom is diabetic & been taking insulin twice a day along with metformin. I am focusing on a Keto diet for her… her blood sugars are coming down… she is amazed. I am borderline & Keto helping hugely. Thank you. I am focusing on addressing IR first & hope after, the weight starts coming off as well:) 🙏 thank you soooo very much.

    Could you talk about Keto for vegetarians! Looking for ideas for additional sources of protein. Doing green protein shakes, tofu, paneer… but stumped!

  21. Being Better

    I'm on day 15 of Keto and my appetite is starting to go down. I haven't lost much weight yet. I've lost about 6 pounds so far. So it's good that I now know I have to fix my insulin resistance first.

  22. Capricorn Queen

    i eat breakfast eggs at 7 am and school lunch at 12 and im full for the whole day after that

  23. Naomi Chan

    Dropped carbs and went keto once.. lost my period and had many fertility problems

  24. c. randall

    So true!! Get healthy first and then lose weight 👍. Keto is sustainable. Don't give up, it's a process well worth the results!! Dr. Berg is the best teacher/doctor 💕

  25. Hamid Shirzadi

    Great video, do you have them translated into other languages? Pls do!

  26. Raj sharma

    Key is "MASTURBATION" : Do 2times/day😂

  27. Christina Brown

    Love Dr. Berg!!!!

  28. Khansa Imran

    Yes "super hero " no words to express ur kindness

  29. David Tinoco

    Dr Berg, I carry most of my body fat in my chest, back, belly and sides. My arms and legs are skinny. I have lost 15 lbs but stalled. How can I get the fat out of these body parts?

    I have been on OMAD for about 2 months.

  30. Sonya C

    Is this safe for a preteen?

  31. KILLA ASHH PUBG Mobile

    Wow! Just cut he answer i was looking for, im keroing since july but seeing less results as in weight stall, inch stall ect. Yes diabetic t2
    I guess iv been fixing d resistance since. May i ask Dr. Berg. Should one continue to take diabetic meds till they r fixed whilst IF n strict keto?

  32. LiYa Lin

    This is so helpful to me. I just got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and not knowing what to do. Also hesitating apply KETO/IF into my life. This video is truly a lifesaver. Thank you

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