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  1. Gregory Michaels

    Jim during your 40-45 minute eating window do you supplement at all with vitamins or do you salt your water during
    the day like some recommend with potassium and pink sea salts? I know you're doing Carnivore but I plan to keep in the
    better greens like asparagus, cauliflower and broccoli. Maybe some kale, romaine and arugula salads too to mix it up a bit. I am
    really excited to get started again. I did keto for six weeks lost 25 pounds in 2018 then fell off. In 2019 I did it for three months with a few days of
    16:8 IF and lost 55 pounds. I have a feeling in 2020 I can improve on that and make the grade. I really loved your comment about how when you finally
    made it on the diet to your goals you didn't particularly have this I KNOW IT WILL WORK mentality. You just decided to give it another good shot and of course
    this time you did it. I am very motivated and inspired by your videos and thank you for them!!

  2. Charles R. Aliff Jr.

    Jim, a huge “shout-out” to you for posting the link “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” in this video. I just finished watching this video in it’s entirety. Easily one of the best and most powerful videos I have watched…ever. Kudos to you for the service you are providing…PS-I like your thought processes in your videos….easy to tell you are an engineer/you think and speak as such.

  3. Kathy Rollings

    I absolutely love you🤗 You got it right in what to eat, what not to eat and when to eat❣ I never really thought about the the grocery stores in that way…

  4. Rob yN

    Thank you, Jim!

  5. porkyo123

    What time did you eat?

  6. Jb Up

    Hi Jim, We are watching you from half-way-around the world. Great videos and information. Thank you for sharing. You are an inspiration to many. Great job…

  7. Sandra Phillips

    Thank you, Jim! 🙂 I love the music by the way!

  8. ShinySilverBunny

    I really appreciate your videos and you're very calming to listen to. I was about to eat breakfast but listening to you helped affirm I'm not really that hungry and can wait to eat later.. This is what I love about carnivore because its so satisfying.. And when it comes to OMAD I think of when I had family pets we'd feed them ONCE A DAY and they never got fat!! Eat once a day like a dog LOL. Never seen many obese dogs!

  9. bpereztab

    Thank you for your inspirations talks. This is just what I needed – great info!

  10. Darryl Von Dohren

    Hi Jim, question, I started keto this year and for the last 3-4 weeks I've been eating a salad for lunch around 12:301:00 and dinner at around 6:00 (all keto foods) . In your opinion is it detrimental to be drinking a couple of coffees in the morning with full cream milk in it?
    P.S. just started watching your videos fantastic job mate !!


    Hello, I have a question. When you are your one meal, were you counting calories originally?

  12. CALLIE-CO 2

    i would like to know your opinion on this… it took 2 years but the weight came off.. after video.. https://youtu.be/zmXWgBCzdxU and here she is before she lost the weight… I'm confused.. https://youtu.be/doGVSuGhnt0

  13. hanady shareef

    Hi Jim. Great video. During your fast mode, do you drink anything?

  14. Birdy Meehan

    Great video!! You look very healthy. Thanks for sharing what you've been doing.

  15. Steven Raphael

    Wow I've never seen this video before, You look great, I'm doing fine, OMAD for life!

  16. Jan Trapnell

    Thank you for mentioning people, books and channels that have helped you. Would you consider posting a list. as well? Your videos are very informative, helpful and supportive. I lost 46 pounds on KETO, but have been unsuccessful longterm with OMAD..moving toward MEATOMADIC with your help. Thanks, Jim..

  17. Jan Trapnell

    My mistake, sorry… bluetooth died. 🙄

  18. Jan Trapnell

    Hi, Jim. Sound went out on this one.

  19. Wildman Samurai

    when eating vegetables which ones do you consume? I usually have one avocado a day and maybe some broccoli or cauliflower, that's about it. I've lost 42 pounds with about another 35 to go. Thinking about eating 2 meals a day vs 3 meals a day.. and sometimes on the weekends I do a veggie drink that helps the liver and gallbladder.. it was recommended by dr. Eric Berg here on YouTube it has beet tops kale and parsley in it.. I usually have one every two weeks. Thoughts?

  20. E.S. Slc

    Any recommendation for someone who is doing Keto for 10 months (75-80% Fat, 20% Protein and less than 20 grams of total carbs a day. Tracking every calorie) working out five times a week (resistance and interval cardio) for ten months with almost zero weight/fat loss. I have tried to consume from 1700-2700 calories per day with no results. According to my blood panel work there is no issues there. Thank you in advance.

  21. Christina Smith

    What do you think about unsweetened almond milk, stevia organic liquid ? You are very inspiring and talk so calmly. Love it 🙂

  22. Sample MM

    I'm a new subscriber and am thoroughly enjoying your videos! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and journey! It gives me hope.

  23. Deanna

    Great information thanks

  24. jessecamping

    Thanks for posting your Journey !
    I think I have watched most of your videos and they are very encouraging

  25. GODis MEME

    Hey Jim! I started experimenting with the carnivore diet after seeing your videos. I'm astonished how well I'm doing. I was already ketogenic so it really wasn't a big stretch . It's been less than a week and I'm finding myself feeling so much stronger and energetic. I even started running outside. I would be very interested in anything you have to say about this diet. Thank you so much for your Insight.

  26. Debbie Does KETO

    HI, subbed you from KetOMAD's recommendation, thanks for what you do for us!

  27. 1GoldenBreeze

    Hi there, Mike and Marnia talked about your channel so I came to check you out. 🙂 You have some great videos so far. Congrats on the weight loss, and getting healthier.

  28. Moira Harris

    Love your videos and how detailed you are!

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