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  1. Bee Tee

    So WAS SHE SICK OR NOT??? The rest of the story feed it to the dog nkt

  2. maureen lucks


  3. jackieleigh shammil

    She's suffers from Munchausen disorder ( factious ) stories to gain attention .

  4. sabina wairimu

    Weird though!!!

  5. Anthony Wachira

    You a FAT cheat

  6. Ess Ndirangu

    What is happening here??

  7. sylvia chonge

    but y i am even wasting more time to continue watching? the black dog is even making me flirt more…whats this woman confessing about? can someone tell me the whole story in one sentence…nkt


    Do you guys have editors? What is she talking about? A whole media house can upload such a shady clip without any meaningful content? Fire your editor

  9. Marigold Sonnie

    This story is vague. It's not having the flow ….

  10. Gachanja Esther

    the story not adding up. ama ni mimi sielewi rusungu

  11. Lydia Mbuvi

    Seriously wtf??

  12. jul ney

    I know her…

  13. lucy ndege

    I think this lady is on drug influence….
    Lips tells

  14. Rahab Muthoni

    I cannot decide who is worse, the attention seeking liar or a professional journalist who is a sloth incapable of doing any back ground checks before airing this disaster. Embarrassing! And further giving more airtime to a crazy woman who diagnoses her condition and elaborates further to prove her expertise on it. RUBBISH! I demand and apology from K24 TV

  15. Juliet Muthoni

    Uweh!!!! Sielewi

  16. Emma Terry

    I get it.
    I get her point.
    The question is, so, what about everything to do with the tests, diagnosis and the doctors, did she ask them to lie too? Just wondering.

  17. shii kamau

    Did English become hard 4 mi cz sielewi….#th F* she lie abt hvn cancer 4 attention??sh is a selfish psycho of a humanbeing!das she knw what cancer patients n caregivers go thru!!!oh Lord kenya vitu kwa ground vimekua tofauti sana!!all 4 fame??
    n wat ws the relevanc of th dog in th interview???

  18. valaridah

    She’s said so much and u choose to make the heading be about the one thing the story isn’t about?🙄

  19. Israel GK

    Wicked woman! I pity you husband 😭

  20. judy ngethe

    How dare you ,do you suffer from mental disorders?

  21. Nelly Macharia

    Hata sijui point ya hii interview ilikuwa nini. Everyone involved should have been fired on the spot including that interviewer together with her dog. What was that?!!!! And the producer who allowed this to get aired should be flogged too…

  22. Adhiambo Nyasuna

    Topic gone Zimbabwe.

  23. Caroline Murugi

    I hope she finds help. Making fun with Cancer its shocking

  24. Felix Kiprono

    >>Patricia Warugi had been known as a cancer survivor
    >>K24 decides to do a story about her fight. It was filmed over a period of six months
    >> Before the story aired, she confessed that it was a lie
    >>K24 decides to air it, with a twist as a way to highlight how people lie about cancer.

  25. Mary Mburu

    Am totally confused here

  26. Carolyne Maina

    For those who don't get it, she was lying during the whole interview, and when it was almost being aired, she requested Anjlee for the story not to be aired and thus came the confession. 2 seconds of fame

  27. Mary Mutua

    Huyu hata anakua interviewed ya?? Stupid, woman. Kwenda kabisa na uwongo wako. Unalaani watoto wako, usicheze na Mungu. What u confess with ur mouth u wl trully possess

  28. victorious vqee

    Iyo part ya confession, where has her front tooth gone to? Or is she lying she had them all earlier too?

  29. blu29 blu29

    Does the guy you keep calling husband know u are married to him?

  30. vivien wanjohi

    Someone explain to me like a Grade one kid,what is she talking about????She has left me confused

  31. Helen Njeri

    Warugi should apologize to all cancer patients, she obviously seeking attention with the wrong topic!

  32. Rosalie Ilayesa

    Eti nini? I've just wasted my time sympathising with her only to realize she's a compulsive pathological liar🙆🙆🙆🙆

  33. Ailah Omondi

    Mwanamke sungura😡😡what is she even saying kwanza ata sielewi kitu kwa hii interview..wasted my bundles😥

  34. emily Wambui

    What is all about am left confused.

  35. Muthoni Njoroge

    Attention seeker, Idiot.

  36. George Waweru

    Ghai, the things people do for sympathy and attention. I now know why Jesus wept.

  37. Cicco Ann

    She has a beautiful smile though

  38. Cicco Ann

    Kwa wenye wanamjua,,,,walikuwa wanaiba na bwanake na family ama,,,,,,

  39. Jane Njambi

    Wah y did I just waste my time watching something I can't get anything

  40. Anne-Marie Kosh

    I felt very impatient with this whole interview. Why does the interviewer have a dog on her lap? Why did it take so long for the story to boil down to what the title says? Why bother to interview such an attention seeker at such a time when so many people are suffering and dying from cancer? Does this interviewer and K24 understand the meaning of educative journalism? What was the purpose of the interview and in what way did it assist those who are ailing from cancer or helping people avoid cancer? This was utter nonsense.

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