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  1. Deviant Mind

    good advise…I fully comprehend

  2. Chuck Simpson

    Hmmm, I was told in high school by my anatomy teacher that breathing into my stomach was not bad but breathing more into my lungs was a better benefit than the prior. 

  3. Paul (Corpus Christi)

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  4. Eli Koceva

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  5. Whitney Gosnell

    As a Respiratory Therapy student I know you are giving great advice!! You are so inspirational! Love your books, blog, and this channel. Look forward to more from you!!

  6. Jake Cook

    Did any of this make any sense to any of you? She's cute though!

  7. Falcon Time

    HOT !!!!

  8. DominicRiv

    What to learn about deep breathing? Check out how David Blaine (just a normal guy) trained himself through breathing exercises to hold his breath for over 17 minutes!

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