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  1. Protect&Serve Gaming

    That crease is nothing.

  2. Doc Tweeter

    Dat dere misleading thumbnail….

  3. crosswhite17

    Not at that price. I can get an iPhone 11, iPad mini and iPad pro, all for about the same price as the fold.

  4. jerry P.

    2k for a phone is still a rip-off.

  5. Matthew Weiss

    I got mine yesterday, that "crease" is a non-issue. I promise.

  6. sri

    first gen devices had some flaws here and there. later it will sort out in future gen models. samsung is ultimate in display but its not justify its price. software is a key point to handle this screen effectively. multitask also a welcome move. hope more more people usage stats got lot points. i am very eager how huawei phone should be in hands on experience.

  7. Dim Kras

    What a dumb phone. Typing on my mate 20 x …..only 0.7" smaller and no crease and it costs $2k less

  8. Nameless Person

    bye ipads, hello fold.

  9. David Brody

    at 6:25 careful not to accidentally put coins into the display crease.

  10. Thomas Nappo


  11. Louis Sanchez

    Hail Stan

  12. John Smith

    I will be afraid to own this not being water and dust resistant but it's nice

  13. Jody Sayers

    Good review mate, unlike the majority of other reviewers you have figured out that when we click on a review of a product, we want to see the product and not spend most of the video looking at a close up of your f@#%g face! So well done

  14. samgzag11

    I can't wait for this to be the norm for tablets. I love my iPad mini, but it's still too big to carry around.

  15. spooks 2000

    It at least looks better than the ZTE axon m


    it has a 7.3 inch screen . one plus has 6.5 screen not much extra screen . they need to have at least 9 inch screen to sell at this price.

  17. Samrat Laskar

    Important video

  18. Don DP

    @6:32 its quite long but slim and it pokes out of these jeans..😆😆😆

  19. Lance Cyber

    Why does everybody dress like a child these days?

  20. blad90

    samsung was the one releasing teaser ads against iphone's notch, now look at them, going in the same direction apple went years ago. Ultimately for bigger cameras, a notch is needed, unlike samsung, apple actually warrants a notch with the 3D unlock vs samsung's hilarious face unlock.

  21. Dominick

    Why didn't you try and zoom in on Netflix?

  22. 여백주기

    If you keep it instead of opening it, it will make a lot of money with first-generation products someday.

  23. Sithhy

    Wish more apps would have been shown… stuff like Telegram, Discord, some games etc.

  24. Mac Gyver

    Cool I just use bold n1 and axon m … 199 + 99 = 2700 less than s10+ and fold 😮

  25. Tony Lee

    More practical review than others. This review makes me want the phone so bad and waitng for pre order in US

  26. jordan rausch

    @2:07 thank god there’s no pinch to zoom like the s10 plus. It fits the whole screen like a iPad. Which I love. No cutting the top/bottom off/black bars on the side. I understand if the creator makes it for the s10 screen then it will fit the whole screen already like an iPad. But the question is. Why can’t YouTube make a update that fixes it?

  27. Kris Nelson

    I've been using 4g versions of Galaxy 7in Tabs for years because I want a phone and tablet in one. Yeah it looks ridiculous if I hold it to my ear so I use a Bluetooth headset. The Fold has changed this totally for me. A phone and tablet all in one is just genius and I for one cannot wait for mine to be delivered next week. Great reviews BTW.

  28. Mohammed S

    Wear man jeans, you know, the ones that don't stick up your rear, and you should be fine.

  29. Miro Kolas

    If you look for all screen phone look for Vivo

  30. Aria Nugroho

    We are struggling to get perfect display/screen for more than a decade, samsung send you back to golden era of pda and its plastic screen, plus a crease…..

    Not to mention its punch hole camera on galaxy s and note series… To me its a huge deadpixel thats really annoying to see

  31. Rudy Z.

    The future starts with Samsung.

  32. Jeremy B.

    Did he really just say Ex S Max?! Come on man you should know it's supposed to be pronounced Ten S Max. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  33. Stephen Patterson

    I still can't believe how sleep people are on Samsung's browser. It's better optimized for Samsung devices than Chrome, especially with ad blocking support. Not to mention other useful features like an intelligent dark mode that converts light web pages to dark dynamically and the browser extension available for the chrome desktop browser that syncs bookmarks and whatnot. It's a very fully featured and well done browser that I think far too many people ignore.

  34. A. W. Abbasi

    This phone needs the hole punch cut out camera treatment

  35. deweyboie

    Why does it take you 1:37 to do what the title of the video states?!  Do you really need to hear yourself talk for that long, we don't.
    the title should read, "I waste 1:37 of your time to show you what your apps look like on the Fold display."  Unbelievable.

  36. Lamp Camper

    Look at the clickbait lol

  37. johnny questt

    thanks for this, been wondering 😎👍

  38. NexenTriz

    Don’t buy it.

  39. dmcadik

    4:57 This lads a true djentleman

  40. Xan Haus

    How is gaming experience?

  41. Jackson P

    The galaxy fold needs a hole punch display.

  42. Tshepiso Maswanganye

    Netflix has the right idea with playing the video in the center so as not to be intrusive/overlap the notch, thats a great way to actually watch video on the fold.

  43. american seoul

    This guys a fine winer. And I not talking about the year.

  44. IceSeeBoy

    6:10 Dem JEANS!

  45. Jupiter Fox!

    Thanks for making this vid. Everyone else folded it a couple of times and called it a day lmao

  46. YamaR6/ScionFRS

    Does anyone know when pre orders take place ?

  47. Rxonmymind

    I'll never buy a first generation product be it cars or folding phones.

  48. fwris3 Ryu

    This is quite solid and unbiased review. Liked it.

  49. Jim McNevin

    Is it worth the price tag? in my opinion, NO! But there are plenty of people that are willing to blow money. Can this be a successor to the Note? I can see this device inheriting the S-pen and the Note and S lines merging.

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