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  1. Ella's Wonderful World

    do you need me to do your eyeliner

  2. Gacha Rain

    Ok according to google it takes about 65 days for your eyebrows to grow back so 6:10 gurl you have to wait 9 weeks xD

  3. Vivianna Contreras

    2:58 my teacher from 4th grade

  4. Phoenix Flame

    My gf tack's my hudey and so much glitter in my hair

  5. Natalya Ballard

    1:30 yes I've been the victim of a glitter 👸

  6. Fire girl Lps

    Seriously I don’t wear makeup but to be fair I’m bigender so…. ACTUALLY I LIKE PUTTING DARK EMO EYE SHADOW AND BLACK LIPSTICK!

  7. AlexGamerGirl 16

    Azzy u bootuful the way u r

  8. Maria Fraire

    That last one it's it's the long lost Chewbacca

  9. Kendal Newberry

    I look pretty if you do you think I am pretty give me a like.😇😇😇😇😇

  10. Dragonite Playz

    I want food.

  11. kelvin gamer

    Wt did you say bad word sh**

  12. BRIAN W.

    Azzy: …Pretty :>
    Me: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    My Sister: *Picks Up Chair And Falls On Face

  13. Auteria Pryor

    Azzy stop. 👿👿👿👿😈😈😈👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👎👍👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  14. Isabelle Haddow

    Umm did u guys see the eyebrow thing that must hurt

  15. Angelie Love

    You know this perfect know what needs to be pretty up everybody's pretty it makeup masseuse unnecessary in real life

  16. Ellie Welson

    why should i ring the bell becouse you were swearing but …i did:)

  17. Lourdes Janna Tyla Sagum

    I feel bad for the people

  18. jessica ambrozewicz


  19. jessica ambrozewicz

    find the l and ]

  20. Brealeigh Reed


  21. Fun ——————gaming

    Azzy:you look tired today
    Me:yeah I know I look like sh**

  22. Emily Dreyer

    Eyebrows never grow back……

  23. Gerardo Macias

    Azzy you are a BAT 🦇 go out side now

  24. Love Heart

    And I don't wear makeup

  25. Love Heart

    I tried to look pretty but comfortable too

  26. Random Peep

    im evil because i was smiling lmaoo

  27. Smart Banana

    I been in the sun to much a I got sun burnt

  28. Wendy Coppo

    I will never tovch my moms razor again

  29. Poppy Playz

    Peel off fave mask HURRTTTSSSS BROOOO

  30. Supporting Support

    4:30, did not think it through

  31. Araceli Barajas

    I mean hair

  32. Araceli Barajas

    A little peace of of fall when you removed the first tape !?!?

  33. Majs playz

    My friend, had to put glitter in her HAIR! Dont ask!

  34. yalitza gonzalez

    I once got slime on my hair and it got stuck so I did not tell no one and just cut it and now I regret it.

  35. Emya Says


  36. Socially Awkward Ari

    One time I was at my cousins house. I was spending the night. So I went to the restroom and I found my tia’s open makeup bag. I grab the mascara and put some on and after that , I got some below my eye. I couldn’t find the makeup wipes so I tried to take the mascara off with water…. it looked like I giant bags under my eyes…. I came out, and my brother was like “ ArE yOu WeArInG mAkEuP!?!?” “No…” to which my brother responds with “ oh. Are you just tired?” And I yawn, squint my eyes and say “yeah…” I EVEN PRETENDED TO FALL ASLEEP
    They believed me :3

  37. Siobhan Diamond

    Azzy lol why

  38. Amelia Shultz

    I use clear face mascks so if i don't get it all off you cand see my f**king face

  39. Star Destroyer

    Random fact glitter sinks in to your body and never leaves not even when you die

  40. James Hoad

    I was working with glitter and three months later i found glitter in my hair after washing my hair many times😂😂😂😂

  41. Daffodil Tathoy

    Yes I know

  42. Gracie Vogtlin

    The dog at the end looks like what I assume a pigmypuff looks like. ( Fellow fantastic beasts Harry Potter? Fans know what that is )

  43. Leila McGrath

    When foundation cra-cr-cra-crashes shatters

  44. KaRon Garman

    I am
    Fon has been able and will do to a week late and have to be

  45. LittleMiel Videos

    Gurl i know this was posted a long time but please stop cussing or saying bad word because i am 9 and my sis is 6 and she can hear you. And its 2019. But it do not mean i hate u your still the best azzy i hope you reply

  46. Catrina Bulbuo

    my family says "glitter is everywhere and fillest all things"
    ⛲full of ✨ 👸full of ✨📞full of ✨ 📗full of ✨ ✨full of ✨ and at my old house glitter is still in the carper from 5 years ago

  47. Kaylee Cole

    i hate face masks i tryed it one and it didnt Work
    right work so my face was so red for the rest of the week

  48. Kaylee Cole


  49. C J

    I don’t struggle with this even though I’m a girl

  50. mrs.Taylor & mrs.Rachel

    Glitter is a tick

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