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  1. Data Doggo

    Who do you want to win?

  2. Beady

    i screamed when i saw laura lee and mannu mua started dropping subscribers

  3. The Tea Cat

    shane Dawson with 22 million subscribers entered the chat

  4. AshBash

    Why was this satisfying

  5. Anoushka Pandey

    go jeffree

  6. Rich Lux


  7. melinda wang

    where’s michelle phan

  8. General 666

    Where the hell is Jenna on this???? She the greatest beautiful people ever.

  9. ButeraVids

    So proud of James 😊

  10. Lil Ith

    NikkieTutorials is one swifty bitch

  11. Lil Ith

    RclBeauty101: move over bitches, im in a rush to slay all you hoes

  12. STAN NCT or be a square

    I fucking love Promise and I like how stable she has been throughout her career.

  13. STAN NCT or be a square

    I was waiting for James Charles to go back down after the dramageddon 2

  14. That one time jimin was hiding in jk's room

    James went wosh to the top, he had the fastest growth

  15. Aleksandra Kocic

    James Charles moved up like a true crab 🦀

  16. Jake Joseph

    Excuse me…. I believe Shane Dawson is #1 now.. thank you 😌

  17. blue too

    4:52 James: Excuse me sisters

  18. Pamela Pryor

    You are missin Latin ones such as pautips

  19. Daisy

    The only one I enjoy watching is Tati and that's it

  20. iDouble espresso

    Where is jenna at

  21. Diana Viajando

    Where is YUYA? 🤔🤔

  22. syveira

    jeffree : hold my redbull

  23. Life of a Potato

    Where is Michelle Phan and Bubzbeauty?

  24. Eden Abraham

    75% of them on the list are not even “beauty gurus” 🙄

  25. Jloofaz

    I don't understand how anyone still supports Jeffrey or James .

  26. Scott Miller

    I feel like Shane Dawson is now a beauty YouTuber lol

  27. Maariah

    Loved seeing shaanxo in there

  28. jennie k.

    what about jenna marbles

  29. Cat Flores

    It’s so sad to see Bunny stagnant since 2016

  30. Adriana Yareli

    You’re missing yuya she’s Mexican she’s a beauty youtuber with 24M subscribers jajaja

  31. Antonio Hernández

    When I saw NikkieTutorials I was damn this bitch really came to shook the entire beauty community but then she got stuck for a bit then Jeffree popped out and starting climbing very fast but also he got stuck as well then James Charles came and this bitch said EXCUSE ME YALL…. he was the fastest to get on top 🙌🏼🤩 (until the drama) funny how Jefree Star without being on the drama between Tati and James he got his way to get involve (like his nosey ass always does) and look at him on the very top getting beneficial about it. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  32. AlexaOrchid

    Am I the only one who is like "who the hell Bethany Mota and Rclbeauty are?"

  33. JJ

    The beauty community was so good before 2016/2017 lmfaooooo

  34. hajar zeriouli

    No wonder James Charles is Youtube favorite. He skyrocketed

  35. Rosie Dolly

    i feel so sad for not appreciating the bethany mota era more than i did back then.

  36. Caitlin Dowell

    Time to add Shane Dawson ☺️

  37. LiveItLikeLisa

    This was really well done! I enjoyed watching this strangely enough.

  38. Charoootte

    shane dawson shldve been here HAHAH

  39. Vanesa Bartosova

    How come that James Charles jumped right on top when it took a years to others ??? Wtf

  40. Tiny Grizzly


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