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  1. Edna Kimble

    Cannot see what is going on! Help!

  2. Janine Smith-Lange

    How can 380 people give this the thumbs up when you can't see half of what's going on!

  3. Mary Weaver

    Didn't want to look at bears and Camera person is too shaky

  4. Mirtha Manrique

    Muy mal hecho!!! No sé ve nada!!!!

  5. Ilia Smirnoff

    Pus me a riveer.

  6. Alba Segovia

    Pésima filmación

  7. Donna Caulfield

    I wish you had shown all of the first one, the 2nd one, the abcess, that was great.

  8. Carol Smith

    It would be so nice to see everything. You cannot see when camera person knew how to run it.

  9. Edith Sheffield-Larson

    Why post a video when you can't see half of the pops

  10. Mark Clark

    Pop the goddamn thing.

  11. Debra Bennett

    Is the camera person blind?

  12. Κατερινα Ζαμπα

    Those panta's,left and right are very wrong…

  13. Jose Francisco Sanchez Almuedo

    Video malo de verdad, quien lo filma un niño pequeño?? Para ver manos, me miro las mias,

  14. Melanie Owens

    Worst one of these.

  15. wendy threatful

    u cant see whats going on most of the time.

  16. Sandra Staley

    I hate slow motion videos.

  17. Diane Greene

    Went nowhere fast

  18. Shelby Isenhower

    The video would be decent if you got rid of the trim but the thing that bothers me the most is you need a new camera man or something more than half of the time we are watching the top of your hands instead or what you're popping it's so annoying….I came here to watch cyst, blackheads, and pimples being popped not trying to figure out what kind of gloves you wear when your hands!

  19. D Cragg

    Focus man focus

  20. Vickie Randall

    It would be nice to see the video get rid of the dam bears!!!!!!

  21. misty Castillo

    I hate the trim on these videos half the time you don't even see some of the video so annoying

  22. microbiologyeducator

    Part 81: That green pus reminds me of a Pseudomonas infection. Was it tested?

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