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  1. Marta Figueroa

    I will wait for the nude medium palette review; the nude light palette is almost a repetition shades from another of her palettes. It does not convince me. 😏👀👋

  2. Biki

    Oho my gosh Patty I love your looks. So beautiful. I love these tones and how you put them together. I am so confused. Which one would you buy out of the 3 and how do they compare to Carly B’s ABH palette. I am thorn between these 4. Would love your opinion. 🙌🏼❤️

  3. Beth A

    Subscribing. Been seeing a few of your videos lately and I love your looks! 💕

  4. Vannasgran 617

    If they have the Harry Potter onesies in my size. I’m all for it. I’m 55 in 24 hours I will be. Lol

  5. Anaiss Grande

    I really love your videos 💓

  6. Michelle Burnstein

    Such beautiful looks! What mascara are you rocking?💞

  7. Roxana Amedeo

    I love HP and I'm in my 40s so there is nothing wrong with that. Love the 2nd look but question is the fallout so bad ? I usually do eyes first so it shouldn't be a problem right? I haven't decided which one I will buy…so I'll wait for the rest of your videos.

  8. Flowerchild 81

    Beautiful. I just ordered the light. Can't wait to do some looks 😍💄

  9. Susan B

    I was looking forward to getting home and watching this video. This light palette is so pretty. Love the halo look too; such exquisite looks. Also your Harry Potter hoodie is adorable and looks so cozy. My 18 yr old daughter is obsessed too and says you’re never too old for HP merch lol. 🥰

  10. Jennifer O'Gorman Arafa

    I want to get one of these but I’m concerned that I’ll get it home and it will be just like the large nudes. Don’t want to waste my time energy and money. I know I could bring it back but what a pain in the ass. Lol.

  11. D Heredia

    My gosh these were both beautiful looks

  12. Sophia Yapp

    Great looks Patty … including the eyes !👍🏾😜

  13. Martha Bravo


  14. kerri esler

    Still can't decide if I need these!!

  15. Gonz Girl Deni

    Muy lindo los dos

  16. ورده الصباح


  17. Veronica Arana

    I love the looks you create 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰thank you

  18. Sara ANTÓN LARGO

    My sister loves Harry Potter and she is 43, so don’t worry, you still have a bunch of years to go! 😄 You look gorgeous and the looks are very beautiful!!

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