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  1. Name

    is it true that u cant play without a internet connection on the switch light?

  2. TheArabianGulf4ever

    I bought the switch lite for my son yesterday for his birthday (turquoise color)!! He was super happy with it , the screen size is much better and colorful than what I thought. The bettery is also decent. The d-pad, also how lite and comfortable it feels on your hand eapecially for your child. It also much easier to carry around due to its weight!! I can say that I am %100 satisfied with my purchase. I got the console with a deal of 3 switch games for only $320.

  3. Hooddowntime

    Feels so good to hold, that what’s she said

  4. Micah Ashman


  5. Andrew Orr

    They call it the Switch "Lite" because it now has 50% less functionality and sugar than the original Switch!

  6. Dpoet jones

    Yep it all works for me, I own an X box one x and wanted a portable console

  7. Dinosaurs of 2016

    The switch lite feels durable and it’s smaller size doesn’t embarrass me in public like the original switch does. Still waiting on the Bluetooth headphones support.

  8. Evil Withen

    i have 1 reason …you can't to play 1.2 sandwitch on the nintendo sandwitch mini because you need use the joy con that's why l😂l

  9. Doshi

    I'd like to see a pro switch that is same design as the light just little bigger, no more joy cons..there stupid and more different colors like purple

  10. Justin Pineda P&V

    It’s what the Vita should have been TBH.

  11. grantimus

    Yo Bakalar I need that Switch PRO with TRIPLE KICKSTANDS

  12. Richard Winter

    I already own a switch but will most likely buy the lite for the sole reason of playing single player games that I would've most like played on the gameboy. I.E. Link's Awakening, the upcoming Pokemon games, Golf Story etc.

  13. Richard Winter

    Do you want a gameboy with the capability and access to Triple-A titles?

  14. Cheezus Christ

    Does the lite run as well as the original? eg. how much it lags or load times

  15. Zoltán Domján

    Or I have small hands? Or I prefer the new design? Or I don’t care about TV play as I have PC for that? See, 3 reasons!

    What a misleading title…

  16. Tusk

    Nobody needed this, but we still love it…

  17. sadibou sow

    "Incredible" library?

  18. GlaciaTheWolfsky

    Im getting one because i am on the go alot. I ride the public buses everywhere and it takes a half hour to an hour to get anywhere and i need something to do while im waiting. I'd also just play it at home on the couch.

  19. Alex Hanson

    What aren’t dealbreakers for you are definitely deal breakers for me lmao

  20. Hey Man

    Kawasaki Train and Nintendo

    2 Japanese products

  21. CyberDreams

    I'd be worried about the buttons wearing out over time. Too bad it doesn't have an HDMI out either. Otherwise, i like it. I don't have a Switch and this would definitely save me some money.

  22. dycu

    The original switch fit in a xxxl phone clip holster case and it take less then 5 sec to clip the joycon from my other belt case (I hate feeling objects on my skin inside my pocket) Plus putting thumbsticks inside a tight pocket will ruin the spring whether it's a joycon, a sw lite, a ps vita or a game controller (use a case). 100$ less for way less functions is less worth it.

  23. Daniel Hernandez

    my hands cramped up big time

  24. Xeno GearsX

    Might get the Switch ver.2 or depends how long till the Switch XL🧐🧐. But still have my OG switch to trade for a lite or Ver.2??

  25. Juan Menjivar

    Can you use the switch light as a second controller to play coop in the switch?

  26. Connor Rocha

    To make the joysticks drift 🥳

  27. Oliver jr Palmer

    I already have a PS4 pro It is literally so I have something to play when I'm on the go

  28. Highlander77

    There's a 3rd reason (though whether it's worth it or not probably depends on your disposable income). The full size Switch, while technically "portable", is frankly just a little too big to be comfortable to use as a handheld, and it's always felt slightly…unstable? Not really sure what word to use, but it's slightly creaky and flexible, and the size plus the fact that the joy-cons aren't completely fused to the body makes it feel a little janky to hold. And it's a little unwieldy, you really need to be gripping it with both hands to support it. The smaller size of the Switch Lite means it's now MUCH easier to just hold onto with one hand, which is helpful since reaching the D-pad or directional keys on the left side of the Switch is difficult to do while also keeping a grip on the machine with your left hand. And it just feels much more solid and steady thanks to being one solid piece of plastic. Also if you travel frequently, it's easier to fit into whatever bag/backpack you're using. Again, whether it's worth spending the extra $200 for all that if you already have a regular Switch depends on your budget and how much you actually play it handheld, but it's definitely a valid reason to consider one.

  29. Imperfectionist Gaming

    the original switch was never right for me. I played it docked maybe twice in the past 2 years and i never felt comfortable taking it around with me. it was too big and too heavy. I still take my vita with me everywhere. i'll be picking up the lite for black friday

  30. Slapls

    The next will u

  31. Joshua Nicholas

    I got it for the portability,and the joy-con drifting is ridiculous to me.

  32. Nate farquad

    In Australia switch lite cost 299 and switch is 424 dollars! My parents said that they can get me the switch but I don't want them to waste their money! Plus I don't have a tv in my room so ima probs play it mainly on hand held! NEED HELP¡ Plus I'm 17and unemployed as my manager fired me…

  33. Isiaiah West

    What's better

  34. tgrujic1965

    Got the V2 for $75 at Gamestop. Didnt want to trade my old Switch for a downgraded experience.

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