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  1. Dmitry Tamoikin

    ✦ WINTER SWIMMING AT NIGHT during a Storm in 10℃ Atlantic Ocean:


    ✦ RUSSIAN version | РУССКАЯ версия:

    All statements in this video are opinions. Act at your own risk.

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  2. Shift Align

    Reminds me of Nightwish kind of orchestral and dramatic with a heavy metal twist. Never would have guessed though.

  3. Marston Sneddon

    It was 9 degrees Farenheit out today. I had to cut a hole in the ice with my axe in order to get in. Thank you for being an inspiration my friend.

  4. Fixer

    Great video, greetings from Argentina.

  5. johan van der sandt

    A beautifull landscape indeed!

  6. Leo Nidas

    Awesome video mate… very inspirational. … pitty there's no snow where i live !

  7. riyas m h

    How old are you ??? You are so strong .

  8. Teaddybear/ Buttertoastdrawing

    Thats a really nice view must be relaxing when just watching the waves flow and the clouds pass by.

  9. Englisc 0449

    A beautiful part of the world you live in Dmitry

  10. Rachael Rubalcava

    Beautiful! 😍

  11. Fahrettin Altay

    Please more winter swimming

  12. Ceddie

    Lovely place, I envy you for the seclusion. At my beach there's always people walking.

  13. Manuchari Kvataia


  14. White Wolf

    Greetings my Russian man of visdom!

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