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  1. Jason Wittrock

    This video is over 2 years old at the time of writing this. I'm thankful for this video and I'm proud it's helped so many people. However, I just make a few clarifications.

    This video was shot at my father's house. At the time, my wife and I were living there during her pregnancy while we waited for our house to be ready. The alcohol in the background is my father's who is in the wine business. I don't drink alcohol regularly, and neither should you if you want to lose weight. Additionally, the margarine I showed in this video belongs to my father and I apologize for not clarifying it's not butter and is harmful to your health. Use real butter and keto on!

    Keep up the good work and much love!

  2. P Short

    This diet doesn't seem good for cholesterol

  3. Big Moe : The Former C/O

    Ketosis can be achieved by not eating carbs and just fatty foods?

  4. Angel Castaneda

    This man is a gem.

  5. MrBTDhimself

    What are your portions like

  6. Justin Morgan

    I'd have to say he's right about the whole calories in/calories out…. I can be in a caloric deficit and STILL gain weight. It's some bullshit.

  7. Will Davidson

    Ummmm calories DO matter, its physics, not just fitness science, you just don’t HAVE to count or think about them as long as you listen to your body.

  8. From the eyes of a teen


  9. Ana khachatryan

    i guess we going keto

  10. Samanda Hicks

    You really helped me so much❤️

  11. Joe Powell

    Every vegetable I look up has carbs tho? Carbs add up quick to 30 on my tracker.

  12. Macaulay Culkin

    You're leaner than a piece of filet mignon. No homo.

  13. Jean Carlos Migars

    Speaking the truth 👍🏼🙏🎩👌

  14. David Seriff

    How is this different than the Atkins diet?

  15. Christopher Romero

    You said no fruits , so berries aren’t ok ?

  16. Louis Wessels

    Been on keto for 6 months now, not super strict, cut sugar and carbs. Lost 60pounds🙏🏼

  17. Mr. òwó

    Time to take notes 🙂

  18. Nic Lopez

    Been on Keto for two months and I have to say it isn’t working out….. for vegans! 😀

    I’m down about 15 pounds and have never felt greater. More power to you and the Keto community! #baconitrain

  19. Overland USA

    Jason, no intermittent fasting??

  20. Scelo Peabo

    my profile picture is because of the keto diet

  21. Scelo Peabo

    bro tnx

  22. Tillman Givens III

    Great video. Question: are you still eating every 3 hours? And how do you KNOW when your in Keto? And when your over the transition period?


    This guy is a tool

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