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  1. nursefan64

    Hahaha… I have the "white" eyebrows, too. Translucent actually. Andy, we look like Oompa Loompas!!!!

  2. Andy_Warhols_Wig

    The easiest way to lose weight is to get a divorce .

  3. Rix Pix

    Thanks for the real comedy Dry Bar. Really funny guy here.

  4. egitovellez

    I choke on my own saliva all the time too, whats my problem…?

  5. AntBee

    I got the very bad haircut too, disguised with hairspray 😧

  6. E Can2

    Dude is legit funny.

  7. Laura Tenney

    Reminds me of all my relatives from West Virginia.

  8. Katerina

    Funny package, but sad content 🙁

  9. The Kite

    Way to go, BiG "A"!

  10. Game Czar

    Not even remotely funny. He's trying really hard to be Ron White meets Ralphie May.

  11. M

    This dude is hilarious

  12. Mike S

    My complements to your sound engineers. Every spot always sounds good. Oh, and, this guy is hilarious!

  13. Muhammad Mubashirullah

    In Good Shape, DW had a video on Nutrition. There seems to be a lot of sugar in our diet. Eating healthy amounts can help.

  14. Justin W

    Tj Miller let himself go

  15. BoldCautionProductions

    Target is for Champions…

  16. GSD fan

    I call choking on your own spit, juicy mouth

  17. Rose HobisFlower

    Mall Santa😂


    Omg, this guy is hilarious. 😂👍

  19. James Joseph

    Short of breath talking into a microphone…maybe it's time to eat a bullet.

  20. von Coconut

    He's funny but soon he'll be dead funny – lose that weight big fella.

  21. Bobbi Sue

    Funny stuff. I like this guy

  22. fragwagon

    I literally snore while awake just like that…….lol

  23. mrn4s

    GREAT open and didn't let up!

  24. air port

    Funny from start to finish.

  25. Holly A

    He's funny! Really good material!

  26. Bruce Skinner

    Good stuff…very funny…especially the "chocking on your oown spit"…been there, done that!!

  27. Bee B E A U T I F U L

    Very talented! Very very funny!

  28. King Benjamin

    These Dry Bar comedians show how awesome clean humor is! Great job 👍

  29. John McHale

    This is great!

  30. Mia Telford

    Cutting carbs, aka slicing bagels.

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