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  1. The Veggie Nut

    Short on time, but want to watch this video? Go to the settings wheel and change the speed to 1.5 🙂

  2. Chantell Saunders

    So happy I found your page…

  3. milky way

    So this is just one large advertisment with fad diets combined.
    FYI salt is necessary for life. The correct statement to say is "TOO much salt makes you retain fluid which is hard on your heart which inturn is not good for health".

  4. Melissa Smith

    Haha the ad before your video was double cream brea cheese! 😆 they have no clue!

  5. Jenny Hua

    your skin looks amazingly great

  6. Lea Engle

    Good video! I've watched a ton of these and you're the only one who reminded that it won't always suck as much as it does at first, that your body will get used to it and the cravings will get better. Great job!

  7. guflportgyrl

    Thank you for sharing all your helpful tips. Your videos are really easy to watch! You look great and your skin is gorgeous!

  8. cadavison

    doin, cravin, stickin, drinkin…. what happened to the "g" at the end of your words?

  9. Watchman Onthewall

    I was getting that same reaction to smoothies, but when I cut back on the sweet fruit and added a protein powder, more fats and LOTS of greens and veg to it (beets, collards, celery, carrot) it became more satiating. Also, I waited until at least 10am-noon to have it as my first meal.

  10. Stephanie Wolf

    I make sure I don’t weigh myself everyday. I noticed that I would get so discouraged if I don’t lose weight. I usually only weigh myself once a month. That’s what works for me.

  11. Carissa Sanders

    Where is her accent from? I can’t place it.

  12. Angelic Gemini

    I’ll definitely take some tips from this video

  13. Nicole Brown

    Your skin is amazing.

  14. Jilly Bean

    Very inspiring video! Thank you!

  15. Drselyp

    Thank you for this video! We are the same height which is really encouraging for me because so many Ladies are much shorter that accomplished their weightloss journey and not many are my exact height. Your a great example for me! God Bless you Love.

  16. Trina James

    <3 Lemon slices, fresh ginger slices and fresh mint in cold water over ice: AMAZINGLY refreshing and healthy.

  17. Veronica Davis

    This might sound weird but your teeth are BEE-UTIFUL!! I'm starting to believe i should be a dentist lol!!

  18. Fit Ashaya

    I really like the cheat meals not days, great advice.

  19. Cheyenne Hogan

    Is that an accent?

  20. James Dobbins

    Thank you for the video. I was curious if you had saggy skin afterward? I have to lose about 100 lbs to get where I need to be for my height . I worry about having saggy skin . From your picture it doesn't look like you had that problem.

  21. Yannys brito

    How did you deal with cravings?

  22. Rayne Chantel

    HA HA If you have a pulse, vegetables are good for you!!! LOL

  23. V D.O.

    So like how did u get that perfect skin

  24. Kaesie Garcia

    did you ever need a tummy tuck?

  25. Badrul Alam

    I am new to this channel. I’m just impressed I almost resemble u

  26. Ruby Soho

    Your skin 😍

  27. Team Broccoli

    This reminded me that I've been wanting to try the ACV thing, I started this morning, hopefully I can make it a habit to take it everyday. 🙂

  28. Ry T

    If you like veggies or even if you are trying to like veggies maybe try some Indian recipes.

  29. Cristal

    Thank you for this video. I've been fasting for 3 days now. I asked myself if this was really worth it. Everything you said in this video is so inspiring🙏🏻 I'm not giving up, staying positive 😊💖

    Question: how many calories did you consume in your intermittent fasting window? Did you count your calorie intake?

  30. Tiffany

    I love veggies & fruit. Any opinion on frozen veggies? I don't seem to eat fruit or veggies enough, and I hate to waste the veggies & money getting them when I end up having to throw out a bunch

  31. Delia H.

    Can you do a video on how to avoid loose skin when losing weight? You don't look like you have any loose skin for losing over 100 lbs. Most people that I've seen videos from do have some loose skin. How did you avoid that? You look amazing!

  32. Stallings Lad

    Starve there’s your answer

    Do something that’s distracting that you like you won’t think about food that much boom

    Don’t have to eat like a bunny
    But swap your unhealthy snacks to healthy snack and drink only water boom

  33. Radhamma MD

    have u reversed pre-diabetic?

  34. Debbie Ann

    Lots of good tips!!

  35. Debbie Ann

    Yes! "You crave the foods you ate yesterday." How true. So, how do you allow yourself a treat occasionally? How can you erase what you ate the day before?? Is there a way or do you just have to tough it out for a day or two?

  36. bookmouse770

    Very good, I see you have Dr. Greger's book, How Not to Die, it's good isn't it.

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