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  1. Jane j

    Needed to see this video today. Im binge eating, its so sad & lonely.

  2. TimetoShrink

    I did all of this exactly as well.. yup… great video hunny!

  3. Heather Lyons-Trautwein

    I have an appointment on the first with a nutritionist. I found out last week that I am prediabetic. This may have been the nudge I needed to start a new lifestyle of eating.

  4. c puttrof

    So on target I'm Italian and everything surrounded food, weddings to funerals to Tuesday bad day so my drug of choice if food especially when I am depressed and sad or pissed

  5. Robbie Thurston

    You are an in lighted woman. I admire you can share your honesty

  6. Wynn Gwynn

    Dear god this was way too entertaining

  7. A Friend

    Holy crap you're hot

  8. gentlebutch

    I have certain foods that I can't have in my house. I can eat them when I'm at my day program or if I'm at a friend or family member's house. It also helped being diagnosed with PCOS and gout I stopped drinking regular soda and significantly lowered the amount of diet soda I drink. I've lost 70+ lbs. and kept of off for a few years. I'm still losing I lose a few lbs get used to the new weight lose a few more rinse and repeat. Sometimes I lose for longer periods than others but if I don't get used to it I wind up gaining back weight. I binge sometimes but not near as often or as bad as I used to. This is the most weight i have ever lost and definitely the most I've ever kept off for this long. I'm still morbidly obese but not on near the amount of meds I was on. If I lose about 20 more lbs. I will be in the obese level 2 range considering I was supermorbidly obese it was like 57.6 at my highest. I had a health problem a couple years ago I almost died if I had weighed what I did before and had that health theirs no doubt I wouldn't have survived.

  9. Gina G

    Thank you for this. I was bulimic for nearly 30 years (I'm, 45 now). So many years wasted. I would throw up until I had bruises around my eyes. Then I stopped purging but the binge remained. And now, the same as you, this year I had enough and finally gained some balance. Finally!

  10. LynnS.

    Such an honest video. It’s exactly my experience. I thought I had overcame this issue, but it’s still there. I was doing good until two months ago. I don’t know what changed, but something did. Thank you, no one ever speaks about this issue. I know I’m running out of time before the effects of being overweight take to big of a toll on my body. My blood pressure is bad, mobility is beginning to be effected. I will not buy anymore junk for the house. Thanks Stephanie

  11. Stephanie Walp

    ❤️Thank you for this video. I’m a cracker/ bagel/ carb girl, I have to watch it with crackers they trigger me. 10 months intro this journey I still struggle especially when stressed.

  12. j b

    Brava! You need to have your own talk show. So inspiring. I choose myself over food.

  13. N is for Nurse

    😘😘😘luv ya lady

  14. Cathy P in AZ

    Oh Fabby girl – you speak the awkward and embarrassing truths of addiction loud and proud! This is why I absolutely adore you! That was me too 18 months ago…I definitely was the salty sweet snacker/binger and it was a roller coaster I had one helluva time getting off of. Now I can walk through a sweet smelling bakery and have a twinge of ‘oh I would love to taste that’ but the temptation to cheat and binge is gone. My high energy levels, my healthy weight, my overall good health and my ability to finally live my best life trumps the lurking addiction. Love you and thank you for always being the REAL YOU! Stay on that high road to health! 😘❤️

  15. Gypsy Life

    This video was everything I needed and spoke to my soul. THANK YOU! May the Creator grant us strength to fight the addiction and LIVE OUR LIFE!

  16. Ann Prince

    Salty sweet salty sweet…totally relate! I've never been able to put away large amounts of food in a short time due to a digestive issue, but I have been known to buy an entire cake and eat it on my own in a week's time. An extra thousand or two calories a day adds up fast. And of course I had to get the baker to put "Happy Birthday…insert fake name"…on the cake because I didn't want people thinking I was just going to eat it myself! Trying to choose myself. Trying to pull myself up from a self-destructive spiral. Thank you for making me realize I'm not alone.

  17. Nona Morris

    I don't even LIKE myself, most less LOVE myself. Guess that explains a lot. lol

  18. Jenn's WW Journey

    Great topic and I can definitely relate!! I sure love you!!!!!💗

  19. Mary Vitro

    I relate too well to this video. 😥

  20. Blakely Harper

    You basically just gave a Ted Talk 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    Love the transparency

  21. Linda Richmond

    I use to drive to grocery store and buy cookies… Eat the whole bag…..and do it again the next day.. Sick all the time.. Today I'm down 50 lbs….thank you keto….. Thank you for your video on stress eating😊😊😊😊😊

  22. May BRITT Rønningen

    I thought that was something you could do if you were very hungry.But i have understand noe that IT has nothing with hunger too doo.I Hope you Are back om track Stephanie.

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