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  1. XoX Destiny


  2. Totally Treen

    Interesting facts. Ughhhh, the robot voice whyyyy?😒

  3. Jo Jatoe

    This is such interesting content. My only wish is you use a person to do the voiceover. The bot voice is not engaging.

  4. Jeanette Gallagher

    The robot voice is maddening-the algorithm they use for word pronounciation is all messed up-mispronouncing "lead" and "other." Not sure why they use the autobot voice and not just a live person….

  5. Viking Song

    If you're going to use robotic voice then type 'led' instead of 'lead'…

  6. Loli Luxe

    Ah, I do hope this is a computerised voice programme…
    The pronunciation is atrocious. Lead and Lead! Oh no, no, no! Many words so badly pronounced any intended meaning becomes lost in the lack of pronunciation or in the flat out erroneous pronunciation! The inflection, or lack there of, is painful to listen to, at best..at worst terribly headache inducing! The absolute monotony of tone…is oviously, oh so monotone. In turn just Droning on and on and on!!! The narration just generally horrible. It ruins what could be a really interesting video.
    Great work on everything else though, truly. The information is compiled in a great manner, the accompanying pictures are nice and appropriate to the subject and script section that is being referred to, so timing us also well done… I would have liked to have seen more than one photo of each historic beauty…but what was used was appropriate.The editing was good and clean work…. Well done in many ways.
    …..just please…
    Work on (or, better yet, FIX!!) this narration problem. I cannot continue with the resulting headaches! I want to fully enjoy your content, but find that I cannot always view very much of it.
    I wish you good luck, and success. Have a good day.

    I look forward to more content, IF the narration issues are corrected.

  7. Tony Pate

    It's said Queen Mary not "Marry"…..@9-28 still works on this sad You Tube rabbit hole by the sound of this upload….moving on

  8. Toppy Cat

    Cleopatra wasn't beautiful.

  9. Far Muse

    And remember most of these women were very young by todays age standard…….

  10. Jennifer Decker

    Am I the only one slightly disturbed by how aggressively that robot voice says, "milk"?

  11. G Petke

    Learn to pronounce the names and the words you use correctly, words like a lead were particularly glaring 🤪

  12. Irmitas Knight

    This is funny…. 😆😆

  13. Becca Simonin

    Seriously don't use the robot voice

  14. HD Warrior

    Robot voice? Nope.

  15. Heidi Nolen

    How many syllables in milk??? Beacause I don't think its …mi..il..k.. I forgot what this video was about.

  16. Grace Subu

    I can’t with the voiceover

  17. Grace Subu

    I can’t with the voiceover

  18. Rosie Red

    Why?? Why the robot voices? Can't they find a human to narrate?

  19. Mathona Moore

    Lead is pronounced LED as in rhymes with DEAD. Stop using this awful robotic voice.

  20. love me

    Cleo Patra was not white smh

  21. Just Me

    Lol the last lady was too much 😂😂

  22. Midwest Girl

    Do not like the robot voice. Difficult to listen to.

  23. 56beverley

    Fancy covering your face with leed! I thought lead was used.. Elizabeth, Mariantoinette, and Cleopatra weren't beauties unless royalty confers it! Apparently Cleopatria was ugly. Terrible voice.

  24. Stubs 87

    "Hon-ore" lol

  25. Ajay Let

    MILLLLLLLLKK ok we get it.

  26. velvet raptor

    Marie Antoinette may have plastered herself with pigeon soup and cognac face masks but when she was on the way to the guillotine she had to take a last poop in front of the crowd. Poor lady.

  27. velvet raptor

    The Egyptians, who made jewelery with the images of beetles and vultures, did not have the modern horror of insects, snakes or crocodiles. They were too sophisticated to be that silly.

  28. dan darth

    Some are ugly as fuck

  29. Nia Bell

    Why does he keep saying lead like this

  30. Nia Bell

    I hate his voice

  31. katwil89

    I'd really like to watch this video, but as soon as I hear the robot voice I'm done.

  32. Suzi Tee

    The red bug lipstick 💄. In England we call it cochineal. It’s widely used for many things, including food colouring (known as E120). So not really so strange!!!

  33. Iven Krusteva

    "Everyone wanted to look like her".. by this painting of "her" i can only see a man with long hair ,that loves urine and desperatelly wants to be a woman

  34. Cassandra Harper

    the voice is horrible

  35. Lynette Francis

    Wow price to pay just to look great yuck

  36. treesa rae

    Did the voice say lye and lemons?wouldnt that make the hair fall out?does anyone know what to do to get thick long hair?

  37. treesa rae

    I couldnt make out what princess zoe used..did anyone understand?

  38. Lunachick

    I'm sorry did Lord Byron time travel??? How in the name of all that is holy did he have a lock of Miss Borgias' Hair???

  39. Alta van Niekerk

    the voice makes you want to skip the video

  40. Lira Woods


  41. xta

    Vinegar is alkaline not acid

  42. MaTilda D'Hum xoxo

    I don’t know if anyone has ever thought of this but Julius Cesar and Mark Antony probably probably did not fall in love with Cleopatra the first time that they met her. Not she them. It could have been some business and friendship..maybe more.

    Cleo would have done anything to stay on her throne She proved that when she had some of her siblings killed.

    Julius wanted to be King of Italy even if he had to piss off the Italian senators who had adored him at first.

  43. Helen Hicks

    Hey this is well interesting, I just go get a prescription for my grotty skin, and well into the future, you could probably choose a new face! !!!!!!

  44. inkadinkadoodle

    why on earth did you use that automated voice?
    it sounds crappy, and it doesn't pronounce all words properly.

  45. unschuldshascherl

    Although Cleopatra had a huge beauty routine she wasn't that beautiful, neither by today's standard nor by then. Her secret was her charme, intelligence, quick-wittedness and humour she could twist men around her finger.

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