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  1. vinny albanese

    Incredible difference..he looks ready to shoot blood sport 3….all jokes aside. the going #2 3 times a day from severe constipation..what a miracle and shows his SYSTEM benefited from this. not just his neck..seeing this guy makes me want to yell as loud as your new shirt..lolol ..keep up the awesome work…awesome attitude. etc….

  2. Rafa Fan

    Do you recommend a particular pillow for neck pain?

  3. Comycboy06

    Did you adjuncted his atlas in this two weeks?

    You are awesome! 🙂

  4. Arod Rodriguez

    your the Best funny too God bless

  5. U.S. Constitution

    Thumbs Up, Hey Doc I might have to come and see you one of day these days but I'm afraid you might torture me for my pass comments.

  6. jascharl

    All I see in every video is you cracking the neck…

  7. OrangeSunshine2

    Interesting article. What do you think? You really need to get the word out on The Thayer Method. They left you out.

  8. Firebird 7479

    I have a question. Do you discourage weight lifting when patients come out to see you? I was just wondering. On my bucket list is a trip to Muscle Beach in Santa Monica during the weekend when I finally make it out there.

  9. shortboypinoy

    I feel oddly uncomfortable during your opening monologue. You've been doing it for a while but it still feels weird hearing you be formal haha. Being formal is not the Ace way! The only time you're allowed to be formal is when you wear those snazzy tops 😎

  10. Elizabeth Harrell

    Hiya Doc, another great success…come see him, it is well worth the time spent….a satisfied customer..

  11. R M

    ahh yes, those Christmas ornaments!!!!  I was expecting St. Patrick's Day ornaments.

  12. H Maccas

    Nice shirt today Doctor and some music in the background for the video 🙂

  13. Danny Lopez

    Man the difference on this guy is night and day!

  14. Sean M

    This must be old or you must decorate gross early for the holidays

  15. Candace Foley

    Question: for someone who already had neck fusion but still has lumbar troubles, is there anything that can still be done to avoid more surgery?

  16. Felipe Ruiz

    Yess!! Awesome!!

  17. Scott Cochran

    Going 3 times a day now. That's a win….👍

  18. googooforyou

    I have severe back pain. It feels like you know that feeling when you were tricked by your friends put that 9v battery on the tongue yeah just like that on my lower back every step it sucks what work out you or stretched you recommend? I just want that pain gone

  19. Sunbeam645

    Dr. Thayer!!! You are the best! Don't even respond to negative comments. Those of us who watch your videos know you are the genuine article. You have too much work to do, to even give the negative nellies, a second of your time. Love you, your work and your shirt!!! Stay positive, stay focused, stay strong!

  20. Erick W

    I’m sure the weed helped his pain too

  21. Erick W

    Bet this guy owns a bunch of crystals

  22. King Archie

    Got into a car accident over 10 years ago and till this day I get bad stiff necks and neck pain, wish I could visit you doc.

  23. Mario Knows it’s flat

    The Thayer Method

    Fuck yeah 😼

  24. Ady Yanto

    Hi doc. I want to ask, what do you think about the Y straps method? I seeing that method in a couple channel now

  25. SteampunkMewtwo

    Great video as usual though I do have a question. Any advice for those of us who compulsively crack are neck and back? Since I heard it can be very harmful.

  26. M- Draggo

    Wow it took you quite a while to put these particular Christmas videos out lmao. Good none the less.

  27. anne rizzuto

    I can always see great improvement with all your patients when they do your program.It is well worth the money and the trip.Amazing work Ace and your shirts' pretty cool too.

  28. R SoCalifornia

    “Don’t fuck with me!”…. 😂

  29. Ben Anthony

    God damn that’s a great god damn mutha fuckin job doc. Keep up the great god damn work

  30. One Weird Life

    People will just say anything to get what they want but it’s not about what you want it’s about what’s right!

  31. Ryk Comerford

    Dr Ian's most famous video is of him helping a kid from USA with severe back kyphosis from an injury.
    He did one neck adjustment, but also 2 back adjustments. It solved his problem.

  32. Jeannie B

    Whud up Ace? You get a You Tube award and now you have potty mouth😝Great video

  33. Stan Roberts

    You explained your method in one of your videos, if people doubt that it works, then that's their loss.

  34. Aaron The Aguanga Cowboy

    People do pay the Doctor…….. "For his office visits and service" 😂

  35. Sam Hollingsworth

    Original and the BEST

  36. Adnan A

    With Thayer you feel better

  37. Costa Mesa

    Great video as always! Greetings to all! Socky

  38. Art Aronson

    Ever been to Western Canada? Anyone up here you’d recommend?

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