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  1. dirtdiver5050

    Flu shot is bs

  2. L K

    Where are the products listed??

  3. Kim Reed

    Could you show how to take care of the thoracic between the shoulder blades

  4. beccahday

    i've got this disc issue right now, so i've been watching so many of your videos for a week, and now i've got your theme song stuck in my head. thanks a lllot, guys. 😉

  5. Brooke Criddle

    My father wokeup thinking there was an earthquake or something but he was shaking. He went in today for a x-ray. They said there was so much inflammation they can't help until it goes down. They told him he has degenerative disease. He has very seriously herniated discs too. He has tremendous pain. Pain meds are awful for him. Would you recommend anything specific for him? Please help. He is is his 50s-60s and hAs had a history of back pain with a surgery at one point. Love your guys videos. Thanks!

  6. laugh out loud

    Are people talking in the background ?

  7. Sherie Wright

    Please! Stay home when you are sick folks. You need rest, and no one else needs your virus!

  8. Kristey H

    This video would make a good PSA. Important info here. Thanks Bob and Brad.

  9. Scooter PotPie

    get to thr point.

  10. russellcraig650

    Appreciate your videos as I Iay here recovering. Im in the acute stage w an injury and my x Ray's revealed I have degeneration, bulging and some spurs on my lumbar. Im 48 and active and this is quite a scary experience. Your comments and advice are very encouraging. Thank you

  11. ALA Ayuwuh

    I sure hope you were joking bout getting your flu shot Bob… You shouldn't do that Man.

  12. Peggy Harris

    Don't carry around a big gut.

  13. Kidix 3000

    Stop taking the flu shot.

  14. junuine yulia

    the pain vanish when i stretch my piriformis

  15. junuine yulia

    i watch all your video on sciatica,
    i got herniated disc i got no pain while laying in bed doing pushups while my leg with sciatica is put on top of the healthy leg, i can sit with no pain for 10-20 mins i only experience pain when bending forward and running

  16. Donald Lamont

    I really like your suggestion that we need to do extension to counteract out flexion. I recently found extension to be very helpful myself. As a suggestion on extension, why not ask patients, when they are at home, to lie on a bed on their stomach, with their head on a pillow.?Then let the body sink into the mattress, and move around slightly to different positions on your stomach. It feels so good, and relieves a lot of stress, and is a good way to counteract all the flexion we do during the day.

  17. Beth Morton

    I love you guys! I learn so much from watching your videos.

  18. marlene kerrmarlene

    thank you again -m,k —wis.

  19. Kirsty Macfarlane

    I love you guys but….. At 18 "you have sciatica, loose weight and here's a prescription for distelgesic". At 26 "you have a urine infection, it's just your sciatica flared up, nothing to worry about, here's dihydrocodiene". A week later I was rushed to the Southern General hospital in Glasgow for an emergency operation on a prolapsed disc. Which has left me with chronic back and leg pain, numbness, muscle atrophy to name a few problems. I applied for disability to be refused and told that my condition would get better. At 38 I couldn't walk on my left leg, back in hospital and got diagnosed with spinal stenosis. When I asked my doctor what caused this, she told me that I was born with the condition. So I'm afraid my spinal health has not improved with age. I was in a minor accident on the bus last August and I can't get on top of my symptoms. I've been to physio, I practice yoga as much as I can. I'm on tramadol, co-codamol, morphine sulphate, naproxen, dosulepin and diazepam and I'm only 43. Sorry guys but science isn't always right

  20. MaryLynn

    Hi guys!
    I am having trouble finding the right PT for my situation.
    The McKenzie method?
    Is this what I should look for?

  21. Susanne C

    6:11 he's citing statistics from a book about degeneration of people's backs some even age 20 this is where you want to go over to the chiropractor the corrective chiropractor that is John Bergman and you'll see that this is easily treated and should be through manipulation because it's not really degeneration it's subluxation and this can change one's whole life for the better

  22. Werner Sunkel

    Vacines make us sick not better!!!! Flu shots is just a scam

  23. Noah Rosenheck

    Any tips for people with congenital degenerative disc disease?

  24. Lightman116

    I love these two guys

  25. Brian Cusworth

    Always entertaining and factual thank you

  26. dushyant parkhi

    awesome, those were my myths now destroyed, Please do one on KNEES please and destroy my myths please !

  27. Mia Malone

    You guys are awesome…for the 5 dislikes, *&^%^$#@$$%!!!!! Thx Bob and Brad 🙂

  28. Loraine Spencer

    The body wants to heal. It's good to remember that our back and body are designed to heal, not to be weak. This is a whole new perspective for me. If you guys have a motto, that should be it.

  29. Elaina Weeks

    Thank you guys. You've helped me handle my spondylolithiasis & pain properly.

  30. Sally Stracey

    The NHS is very reluctant to carry out back surgery.

  31. Rick Bauer

    What do you think of flexing the back by laying back on a Swiss ball? Is that too extreme?

  32. Rick Bauer

    @ 13:19…I sometimes sit in that rotated position while watching TV in order to take stress off the lower back (spondy), usually to the right. I hope that is a good thing.


    Thank you

  34. Lightchaserphoto

    Dis? What? And what does it mean

  35. Ken Gardner

    I agree with everything you have to say. Are orthopedic surgeons that unethical? I have never heard of a successful back operation. Why is the medical community doing such a poor job advising people?

  36. sifar sifar

    I have little pain in right side of lower back,my question is can I jump ropes with having this issue or should I avoid it

  37. Urbano Ramos

    You just cleared lots of the myths I head about my situation,so a big thank you

  38. Sem Haring

    you guys are awesome. no clickbait, no bullshit, just useful information

  39. Fghh

    Please make a video about Osteochondroma Of the distal femur

  40. chinookvalley

    Thank you for telling people that not all PTs treat the same. YOUR channel has given me more relief than any PT I have been to see, ever. One reason is that many PTs insist on doing exercises that create pain. I understand "working thru pain", but learning to realize your limits is essential, and listen to your body. No one feels what you do, except you.

  41. corie jefferson

    Love you guys 😌

  42. Isak

    Great video! I would love to see a video about what stretch/exercise to do BEFORE any strenuous activities, like in your case cutting down a tree, too protect the back from injury. Is there anything you can do, just before, to prepare the low-back?

  43. Fanta Orange

    We knew not to sleep on our backs over 1400 years ago…Allah (the creator) told us not too.

    Thanks for sharing though

  44. julie Martinez

    Thank you for responding! 🙂

  45. MAHA AlZubeidy

    I like your videos so much. thanks

  46. Annettesmusic

    This video really helped me. You confirmed a few things that I have been thinking this past year. This one dimensional doctoring where they only look at an x-ray and are so quick to suggest surgery as your only option AND, they don't listen to the patient. I knew that there were other things going on with me such as a tendon issue as well as a nerve issue as part of the cause of my pain but, all they saw was an x-ray. Thank you for busting these lies. I just knew it. And, I was thinking of not giving up on a physical therapist but going to someone else so, that was another thing. I really do appreciate all you've been teaching us. I've been better able to target my problem and do a physical therapy regime at home from your suggestions of what to and not to do. And, I may be looking into an Osteopath now. Never heard of that before. Thanks for that too!

  47. Arjun Haridas

    Hey Bob & Brad 😄,

    You guys are the best physical therapists in the whole world 😊.

    I have a small question, can the mckenzie extension be done daily for the rest of our lifes ???

    I've heard that if you do those regularly it may cause disc bulges. Is this in any way true??

    Or does the mckenzie extension help the spine and prevent further disc damage.
    Thank you very much in advance guys 😊

  48. Diane Lalonde

    Extension is a lot better than flexions for my back.. Flexions leave me almost crippled bent over when I do them. The pain is so GREAT that I virtually have to push myself back with my arms. Walking is very challenging after a short bit and my back virtually gives out and forces me into a flexions.

  49. Diane Lalonde

    I have constant lower back pain. This has been going on for four yes now. The vertebraes (L2, L4, and L5) have compressed fractures. There's a Spondyolisis grade 1 between L2 and L3 and Spondyolis grade 2 between L4 and L5. Also do generating disc in these areas and some bulging discs. I cannot do very much anymore due to the constant pain. Taking Hydromorphone and Hydromorph Contain and Pregablin everyday to manage the severe level of pain.

    Is there any chance that my back will get better eventually on its own. A doctor told me that eventually the vertebrates will fuse together and the pain will be significantly reduced. Is that even possible?

    Can't figure skate, downhill ski, play pool, use my cabin cruiser boat, lift anything, work (even sedintary work), walk for long nor stand too long. Its extremely frustrating.

    What are your suggestions?

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