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  1. Natasha Deborah

    I needed this 😭 thank you for sharing!

  2. Nikita Irene

    i remember when i was a kid this younger kid yelled out behind me “YOURE SO FAT” and i almost cried walking home ;-;

  3. yuka a

    not to be one of those "social media is the root of all problem" types, but honestly a lot of my self confidence came back when i stopped posting/scrolling so much on instagram. i muted/unfollowed people who made me feel worse about myself, and i honestly just stopped posting unless it was something i genuinely wanted the world to see. because once you stop regularly posting, you realize half the pictures you take were never for you– they were to post. so that helped me a lot!!

  4. Rafael Santos

    17:06 that look on your face says it all. I look the same when I put a little effort into my outfit and know that I'm lookin goood 👀

  5. Matilda Godson

    I have super red cheeks and I relate with your feeling of having two faces. I wear makeup everyday, and I genuinely do think that people don't know the real me because I'm basically lying to everyone. A very strange phenomenon, but it's so nice to hear someone voice it.

  6. Siirene Rova

    Thank you Ashley for this video. Much needed topic for youngsters finding hard to accept themselves including me. Much love and support😙❤❤❤❤

  7. errfilms

    so proud of you for uploading this 🙂

  8. TheeArlenzo

    i recommend bareminerals bareskin complete coverage serum concealer is amazing plus the ingredients are non toxic! woo!

  9. Waffle Gabba

    Thank you big sis Ashley! This had been super insightful and helped alot with how I'm trying to perceive confidence and beauty these days 🙂

  10. amelie_air

    I really felt that part about having two faces…I wore so much makeup in highschool and in my first two years of college that I began hating my bare face because I was thinking "that's not me, that's not who I want me to be".
    I am 27 now and hope a little bit wiser…and at some point I realised that I did not want to "waste" so much time doing my make up, because when you get older there are so many more important things to do with your time. Don't get me wrong I still love makeup and getting dolled up every once in a while because it's so much fun and that's what makeup should be all about! Step by step my makeup face became less and less intense: since the time I was 14 I had coverd my face up because I hoped people would like me more for it…but newsflash: the people that matter do not give a goddamn shit, maybe it even makes them sad that you need to cover up how you look.

    Now my routine in the morning consists of moisturizer + eyebrows + little bit of mascara and that's it and I began to accept my face the way it is and I don't know…maybe someday we even become friends 😉

  11. Julia Andersson

    I've a Wallaceand Gromit (claymotion) "fobia" or what you can call it. I was not prepared for that trigger 😂 It's not that bad just gives me a creeped out feeling when I see it.

  12. Chia Walters

    Honestly I’m so glad u have a big platform cause the shit u talk about and how like honest u are about like you and like talking about shit that everyone doesn’t want to talk about like sex life how u are emotionally and how you are now. U deserve so much thanks for everything you’ve taught me about life lol.

    Also you watch Mrs masiel (idk how to spell) that’s fucking amazing

  13. sweed — peachx

    18:1318:20 hit me so hard cause i've been in that phase.

  14. Jojo ooo

    You are beutiful

  15. Maria WS

    Ashley❤❤❤❤🥺🥺🥺love these videos!!

  16. lettuce footfungus

    Used to have really bad acne too
    Totally ruined my confidence

  17. Eliza Baker

    I almost cried at multiple points during this video just because of how wholesome you are and how much I needed to hear this… jesus Ashley, what did we do to deserve your infinite wisdom?

  18. ᎯєᎦTᏂEᎿlᴄᎯLLᎩ ᎵɛAᏣʜч

    well i have too many that i think talking to someone, about them, will make me lose that person- 🙈👀

  19. alihihihi

    Not gonna lie this made me cry a little. You’re so wise and well spoken Ashley! Thank you for being the older sister I’ve always wanted 💞

  20. Sylvia S

    One thing that kinda helps me sometimes is not saying things to myself if I would never say it to a friend because as you mentioned, we're probably our biggest critics

  21. Astrid

    gosh ur literally speaking my mind. you've probably seen this a bunch of times but you're so real, and i love it SO much. every single word in this video meant a lot to me. thank you so much <3 your confidence and beauty is literally radiating. ଘ( ♡ᗜ♡)

  22. mija

    It's important to widen the definition of beauty, but it's even more important to remove the weight of beauty from being deemed worthy, loved, respected, and valued. We do not exist to be beautiful.

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